How Yoga can Improve your Relationship

If you indulge in yoga you will be well aware of its power to soothe the mind and relax the body. Its meditative qualities are perfect for allowing participants to find a sense of calm. It does seem to be a very personal self-improvement method - the mere mention of the word yoga conjures a class of devotees stretching their limbs while an instructor choreographs their supple movements.

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But it's those very qualities of inducing tranquility and positivity that make it an ideal activity for couples. Regardless of how you seek relationships, whether you like to find love online or have a long-time partner you met socially, yoga is a great health boost. Here are some ways in which this ancient relaxation technique is perfect for any relationship.


In today's fast-paced society, driven by smartphones and other gadgets, we all lead a busy existence. It's often our relationships that can feel the detrimental effect of having too much on our minds and not enough time to act. This is why yoga is an ideal way for partners to take some organized time out.

As a way of bonding, it will bring you closer, shutting out the stresses and concerns of the outside world as you focus on the physical and mental connection you have perhaps been taking for granted for some time. You can certainly learn and adopt the basic stretching exercises, assisting one another as you do so, but the far more important part of the exercise is the cultivation of positive energy.


An essential aspect of yoga is the focus on breathing techniques. Once you get in tune with your partner's inhaling and exhaling, you will synchronize naturally. The feelgood factor of this technique will be doubled as you appreciate you are enjoying the sensation in tandem. In turn, this will draw you closer together much more intimately than simply cozying up on the couch to watch a movie. What's more, the feeling of unification will enhance the feelings of trust you have in one another.


That latter point is so important. Partner yoga is a specific form of the meditative practice and involves striking a series of poses. These can be mastered relatively quickly, but it's the fact they involve reaching out for your other half in a synchronized awareness which means trust must be absolute. In less experienced hands participants could lose control over some of the movements. When you are indulging in partner yoga your trust for one another's ability to execute the various moves is absolute. As your bodies need to be performing in complete unity this can only strengthen your relationship.


Anyone in a loving partnership will appreciate the pleasurable impression of skin contact, whether that's your partner suddenly holding hands; or even better, planting an unexpected kiss full on your lips. Yoga takes that emotion and magnifies it a hundred-fold. Partner yoga is designed to make you so much more perceptive when it comes to reacting to touch. As well as the poise of your body structure, it's touch that allows you to keep your partner safe while you are adopting yoga positions. Being this aware of your loved one will stimulate you, physically but especially psychologically. Merely observing this renewed sense of rapture in your partner will be terrific for your own consciousness.

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