Yoga in Toronto

Break Bad Habits with Yoga in Toronto

Certain behaviors impede us from reaching our goals and dreams. Yoga can help break any bad habits permanently, and give you the motivation to start living the life that you want. Find out the top five yoga studios in Toronto.

First Hot Yoga Class in Toronto

Hot yoga is is becoming increasingly popular in Toronto. Here are some pointers if it's your first time trying out a hot yoga class. Hot yoga delivers physical, mental and spiritual benefits that other fitness practices fail to deliver.

Yoga for Pregnant Women of Toronto

Pregnant women who practice yoga regularly can greatly increase strength, flexibility, and stamina. This prepares their body for an easier labor and delivery. Find out the best yoga studios in Toronto for mothers to be.

Family Yoga Classes in Toronto

Introducing yoga to all your family members is a great way to create closer bonds through meditation, relaxation and yoga poses. It is a healthy form of recreation. Find out the benefits of family yoga classes in Toronto.

Yoga for Weight Loss in Toronto

With wise healthy choices and building core strength you can lose weight with yoga. Find out how to slim down and show off your curves by practicing hot yoga classes in Toronto.

Baby Yoga in Toronto

Baby yoga is an ideal bonding activity for parents and their newborn. Find out the benefits of baby yoga, and where the warmest and coziest yoga studios in Toronto are best suited for calming both the young and the old.

Top 10 Yoga Studios in Toronto

I've had the opportunity to yoga hop all over Toronto, and try out numerous studios. I've listed the top 10 yoga studios in Toronto that are worth checking out. Some are hot, some are not, but each studio is unique.

Karma Yoga in Toronto

Many yoga studios in Toronto are now offering karma yoga classes. Sending out a non-selfish intention in order to help others is what good karma is all about. Find a karma yoga class in Toronto.

Yoga Apparel in Toronto

Toronto streets are filled with women wearing Lululemon yoga pants and outfits. It's not just for yoga anymore, as more people are leaning towards comfortable fabrics that flatter your body & accentuate your curves.

Is Toronto Becoming More Spiritual?

Is Toronto becoming more spiritual? Amanda Whittal investigates the soul of our beloved city and what is meant by 'spiritual'? What is it that has occurred recently to spark this discussion?

Cheap Yoga in Toronto

If the cost of yoga would be much lower, would more people start practicing? Yoga seems to be an expensive form of exercise to most individuals in Toronto. Find out some affordable hot yoga classes in Toronto.

Yoga for Men: The Times are Changing

Men are now flocking yoga studios in Toronto more than ever, as they realize yoga is more than just gazing at all the beautiful eye candy of the opposite sex, as they stretch and turn.

Hot Yoga in Toronto

The hot yoga scene in Toronto is becoming the talk of the town. Individuals are affected greatly by the positive changes and awesomeness that hot yoga provides. Find out what the hype is about!

Top 6 Hot Yoga Studios in Toronto

Toronto has many hot yoga studios that cater to everyone's needs. I'd like to share with you the best hot yoga studios in Toronto, that will leave you calm and relaxed from the actual yoga class to the studio decor.

Is Yoga Expensive in Toronto?

Mira Saraf shares with us her views on the question: "is yoga expensive in Toronto?" and the differences between practicing yoga in a studio vs. a gym. Yoga is much more than a physical journey, that might be worth the expense.

Toronto Health Food Store Map

Here is a convenient map of all the health food stores in the Toronto and GTA area. You can find the location nearest you for all your health and natural beauty needs to keep you at your best.

Hot Yoga Wellness

Hot Yoga Wellness is dedicated to bringing wellness and well-being to everyone. With two studios designed to offer "body temperature" hot yoga and a range of other types of classes to help you find balance in your life.

Toronto Yoga Map

Here is a convenient map of Toronto showing you all the yoga studios in Toronto and the GTA. You can find any yoga studio and try them out, as some of them offer an affordable rate for first timers.