The Yoga of Sexual Energy

Written by Vishwanath Iyer.

The yoga texts talk about the act of sex as an incredible intoxicating and divine experience. When two beings who are deeply in love offer themselves to each other to merge as one being, the sexual experience is to divine, it is even considered a form of prayer! Yet the same yoga texts also promote abstinence, self-control, and continence - all those seemingly 'moral' things passionate young beings often don't want to hear about!

sexual energy

The Sex Instinct

The yoga masters say that the most powerful instinct after the instinct of survival is the sex instinct, and that our sexual fluid contains the highest amount of Prana - more than any form of food we can ingest!

In Sanskrit, sexual energy is referred to as veerya, meaning vigor or power. And if we use it rightly, it has the power to transform what is a weakness into a strength, what is impure into what is pure, and what is a mediocre romantic karma into attracting beautiful, deep, fulfilling true love. Our possession of sexual energy signifies that we as individuals have the power to create LIFE in the form of a living, breathing, and conscious human being, and one who, in turn, is capable of creating abundant possibilities.

The ancient yogis understood the full ramifications of this, as did so many great minds from other cultures. The same energy which supplies the sex organs to create sexual fluid is also responsible for fueling, in varying degrees, the mental and inspirational creation of any creative expression like emotion-inspiring music, thought-provoking literature, innovative ideas, and awesome inventions.

This means that our sexual energy is the creative and magnetic energy of the universe!

Mastering Sexual Energy

When harnessed, and redirected along other lines, the sex drive may be used as a powerful creative energy in literature, art, or to convert mediocrity into genius in any profession or calling.

Napoleon Hill

We can expend our sexual energies to fulfill lustful, short term sexual desires, or to express love to our beloved, but there's also another quite amazing way to use that energy as noted above.

If, as great minds throughout history have done, we harness (or contain) the highly concentrated Pranic energy found in sexual fluid, and transmute (or consciously redirect) it, our sexual energy becomes a great tool for creating something unique and important, including building powerful love magnetism.

We convert our powerful creative sexual energy into psychic energy, and awaken the latent soul power that allows us to reach unbelievable heights of success in an infinite variety of areas.

For millenniums, the yogis have known about and worked with the awe-inspiring process of transmutation. According to the yogis, the 'average' human has latent potential, or 'superhuman' powers like telepathy, revelations, and flashes of genius. Through these soul abilities, we can find and express our dharma; make our body as strong as we want, remaining ever youthful; and manifest into reality whatever we can dream or think of.

These powers are accessible by transforming sexual energy's highly concentrated Prana into higher avenues of creative expression, a process the yogis called 'transmutation.'

The universe holds the treasure of all our dreams and desires. To access this treasure trove, we need to connect our mind with the universal creative intelligence. for our mind to do so, we need inspired creative magnetic energy to channel that intelligence.

An increase in our magnetism means a greater ability to attract powers directly from the universe. Great pieces of music and art, revelations, and scientific inventions occur because an individual, through his or her unique creative inspiration and magnetism, connects with the universe, the source of all creative intelligence. Through the law of attraction, the creative energy from the universe flows into the human soul, and is stored there. Through certain kinds of stimulation, our subconscious mind is able to access this power for outward expression. Sexual stimulation (in the sense of our inherent desire to create) is the most powerful way to stimulate the mind into connecting with that intelligence within, as sex energy has the highest concentration of Prana. This is the process of transmutation through sexual stimulation.

Incredible Benefits of Sex Energy Transmutations: What Can You Really Become?

If you want to access your higher potential within, and are serious about building magnetism to attract true love, try abstinence for awhile. Take a break from sexual flings, and going from one nowhere relationship to the next (doesn't it all exhaust you anyways?). Sex transmutation starts with abstinence, followed by celibacy. Why? Simply put, the advantages of celibacy far outweigh the 'disadvantages' that requires self-control.

The advantages are:

The Power of Brahmacharya

The word for celibacy is brahmacharya in Sanskrit. It means the power to get in touch with our infinitely great creative energy within, and to be able to transmute that energy into love, creative expression, success, bliss, joy, and wisdom (all qualities lying dormant within our soul). Many artists and successful people could benefit even further than what they are already showing and doing, if they knew how to transmute sex energy consciously, the yoga way.

In yoga, abstinence is about the right use of this precious energy, and not about unhealthy suppression (not providing an outlet for this powerful energy).

The practice of celibacy in yoga arises from the understanding and awareness that you are capable of more; and that you can live a life of integrity and high thinking without self-judgment. You are encouraged to follow by experimentation, through decisive, consistent, and positive action - where you are your own scientist, and your own results are your proof.

Nonetheless, just like you cannot build a great body overnight, you cannot 'achieve' celibacy in a week or even a few months. It takes a certain period of time, and depends upon your personal karma, your pure intention, and your ability to handle yourself in the face of day-to-day temptations. So remember to start slow, with small steps every day, and don't be too hard on yourself.

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