Improve Your Exercise Routine With These Guidelines

Let's explore some key aspects to optimize your workout routine, ensuring that you not only meet your fitness objectives but also foster a sustainable and enjoyable approach to exercise.

I Fell Asleep in Child’s Pose

In the humility, reverence, and surrender of Child's Pose, we open ourselves completely to all of creation. . . .

I fell asleep in Child's Pose. I wanted to try and fall asleep like a baby and see how my body would feel. I wanted to share my experience.

Yoga Poses for Pregnant Women

When you're pregnant, things can get a little uncomfortable. Yoga can bring you in touch with your ever-changing body. It tones the spirit, body, and mind, and can help you deal with the rigors of birth.

Wonders of Power Yoga

Power yoga is a free flow vinyasa style yoga that was developed in the mid 1990 to attract Western students to asthanga yoga. Power yoga is great for weight loss, detoxification and improving muscle mass.

Chi Kung and Pregnancy

Pregnancy is the most challenging experience that women go through in their lives. Find out how Chi Kung can create a positive, harmonious and loving process during the whole nine months and beyond.

Yoga For Insomnia

Deprivation of sleep can cause fatigability, irritability, and increased susceptibility to a variety of illnesses. Practicing yoga can help cure insomnia without any side effects. Here are some yoga poses that can help induce sleep.

Alternate Nostril Breathing

Alternate Nostril Breathing has tremendous benefits for those who practice. You enhance brain function, achieve a calmer disposition, have a stronger mental state and improve overall bodily function. Find out how it's done.

Can Yoga Keep You Slim?

With the growing popularity of yoga, the question 'Can yoga keep you slim?' is still lurking in most people's mind. Find out how the practice of yoga can promote mindful eating habits and keep your weight down.

Maximize the Power of Arm Balances

Arm balances are considered quite challenging poses as a certain level of skill is required. Much upper body and torso strength is needed. Here are 3 ways to maximize and benefit the power of arm balances.

Power of Hand Mudras

Hand Mudras are symbolic gestures that awaken your Kundalini power, improve physical health and peace of mind, and restore body systems. Find out how these symbolic gestures connect to your brain and body organs.

Enhance your Beauty with Yoga

Yoga has many benefits to help enhance your beauty and give you a more vibrant look. With the increase of blood circulation to your face, yoga can improve the condition of your skin and hair giving you a more vibrant youthful look.

Chi Kung and Aging

Chi Kung is a natural method to slow down the aging process by keeping our bodies in balance. Having a healthy and balanced immune system ensures that our bodies work in harmony to keep us looking youthful.

Can Yoga Enhance Your Powers Of Attraction?

If you want to enchance your powers of attraction and attract positive opportunities into your life, then yoga can be your answer. With maintained focus, physical wellness and clarity you can achieve your desired goals.

Chi Kung - Creating Optimum Health

Chi Kung can help create optimum health by stimulating your immune system, reducing stress and elevating your awareness to take better care of your body and mind.

7 Yoga Poses for Men

Men are enjoying the benefits of yoga more and more these days, especially since they are tighter in the shoulders, hips and groin area. Yoga is an effective way to stretch out tight areas and enhance endurance.

Anti-aging Secrets of Facial Yoga

Facial yoga involves stretching and toning your facial muscles to preserve and restore a youthful appearance. It is cost effective with no side effects. Here are some facial yoga poses that you can try to keep you youthful.

Water (Jala) in a Pitta Time

Lack of water can cause dehydration, stiffness and constipation. Even your social situations can become 'dry' and lack that juiciness and excitement. Find out the importance of water from an Ayurvedic perspective.

Yoga for Golfers

Yoga offers many benefits for golfers. It helps to increase flexibility, strengthen core muscles, prevent back pain and improve breathing and relaxation of mind; all if which can increase any golfers game and performance.

Weight Loss Treatments in Ayurveda

Ayurveda therapy and yoga is a good alternative to taking diet pills. This is mainly because while you are losing weight you are also enhancing your other qualities like flexibility, tranquility and muscle strength.

Yoga for Pain Therapy

Yoga is a great way to manage pain by relaxing your muscles and reducing the tension felt from the pain in your body. Practicing yoga continuously is great for long term pain management.

Staying Young with Yoga

Yoga keeps you young from the inside out. Find out one of the best yoga poses to reverse the aging process. It is said to halt aging altogether, induce enlightenment and can even turn grey hair back to its natural colour.

Chi Kung and Autoimmune Diseases

Autoimmune diseases involves your immune system to mistakenly attack and destroy healthy cells, which cause issues that are difficult to heal. Chi Kung helps to balance your whole energetic system.

Yoga for Computer Users

Those who work long hours on a computer are prone to chronic pains, eyestrain and eye fatigue. Yoga can help to decrease pain and muscle tension and improve body circulation that accumulates from sitting too long.

Yoga for Seniors

Yoga for seniors consists of soft and gentle yoga moves to help reverse the process of aging, improve memory and strengthen the joints and muscles. These yoga poses are designed for the elderly's specific physical limitations.

Aging Gracefully with Yoga

Aging is a natural part of life that often comes with numerous health problems. The practice of yoga can improve the quality of your life and help prevent disturbances that make your life more cumbersome.

From Stress to Cancer and Chi Kung

Stress can take a toll on both your physical and energetic system, which can lead to diseases like cancer. Chi Kung exercises can create a sense of inner peace and balance within your body, mind and spirit.

Chi Kung and Your Immune System

The ancient Chinese Masters discovered that Chi Kung is effective in restoring balance and strengthening your immune system. When your energetic and physical systems are balanced, there is no injury or disease.

5 Reasons to use Chi Kung

It is believed that Chi Kung will become the key path to optimum health, inner peace and balance. Chi Kung is an efficient way to prevent and heal all illnesses or foreign objects within.

Yoga to Correct Posture

No matter how short or tall you may be, your posture adds that extra bit called elegance and poise. Carrying yourself upright and walking with a nice gait raises your stature in height and looks. Yoga can make you look taller and agile.

What is Chi Kung (Qi Gong)?

The Chinese have practiced an art form called Chi Kung, for thousands of years. It is used as a preventative method against many diseases, and has been proven to stimulate the immune system for optimum health.

Improve Sport Performance with Yoga

Yoga can help athletes increase their strength, stamina, focus, flexibility and balance out their bodies after long hard physical training that sometimes causes imbalance as a result of over stretching and over strengthening.

Yoga for Skiing

Yoga is great for skiers, as it can improve balance, flexibility, concentration skills and prevent injury. Here are five yoga postures that are recommended to help improve overall performance for skiers.

Improve Balance with Yoga

Many people lack a symmetrical balance of the body. Yoga can help the body function at its highest performance without having to borrow strength from other parts of the body.

Acro Yoga - Acrobatic Concepts on Yoga

Acro Yoga is an artistic form of art, performed with balance, flexibility, agility and coordination. A lot of discipline and concentration is involved when combining acrobatic moves with yoga postures.

Yoga for Runners

For runners, yoga is an excellent alternative to improve performance, increase range of motion, improve mental focus & cardiovascular strength & prevent injuries, especially on your knees & ankles.

Yoga Postures to Ease Pregnancy

Yoga during pregnancy can not only keep you physically fit, but also mentally prepared for the birth. Yoga is a natural remedy to aleviate pains and discomforts, as well as ensuring an easier and smoother delivery.

Yoga: A Remedy for Back Pain

Back pain is the consequence of a bio-mechanical disproportion in spinal structures. According to specialists, yoga is a remedy that can effectively reduce and even eliminate back pain forever.

Yoga to Speed up Metabolism

Your oxygen levels play a vital role in determining the speed of your metabolism. Incorporating yoga breathing with each yoga posture results in increased fat loss. Here are 3 Yoga Postures to help speed up your metabolism.

Can Yoga Make you Taller?

The fastest and easiest way to look taller and feel better is to change your posture. Yoga can definitely lengthen, tone and stretch your body to improve your posture, increase your self confidence and make you look slimmer.

Yoga and Staying Young

Those who practice a vigorous form of yoga just three hours a week are investing in maintaining a youthful glow by switching on the anti-aging hormones that slow down the process from the inside out.

Using Yoga To Repair Damaged IT Bands

The Iliotibial (IT) band is a group of dense tissue that runs from the hips, along the thigh and down the outer edge of the leg. These muscles are used to walk and run. Find out how yoga can help repair damaged IT bands.

Yoga in Postural Adjustment

Common complaints such as shoulder and neck pain, discomfort in the lower back, and headaches; are mostly brought on by inappropriate posture. Learn how to develop core strength and improve your posture.

Yoga Mindfulness

Melina Meza shares with us how food and yoga can have a tremendous effect on your mind & body. It is up to us as individuals to take responsibility and treat our own body's needs through proper nutrition and yoga asanas.

Harmonics of Yoga

The human body is like an instrument full of vibrations, where every soul is unique. The harmonics of yoga is the practice of using the power of sound to transform energy into a new vibration and shape.

Science of Yoga

The practice of yoga can re-shape the energy structure of your body with a new course of energy flow, creating a new pattern of harmonious balance. Each yoga posture has its own unified benefits.

Thai Yoga Massage

Thai yoga massage is a full body stretch and massage that allows you to move past your usual limitations and plateaus of your yoga practice and self development. Nora Benian shares the value of this 'passive yoga' massage.

Yoga for Eternal Youth

Did you know that those who practiced yoga for six months had higher antioxidant levels in their blood? Learn how yoga can give you that radiant glow and give you eternal youth.

Partner Yoga

Partner Yoga is a great way to connect, get creative, improve communication, trust and closeness with your partner. Here you can find ways to make it a sexy activity!

Yoga to Improve your Sex Life

Practicing yoga on a regular basis can help improve your sex life and increase your self awareness. Find out more.

Warming Up and Cooling Down

Warming up exercises can improve circulation and prevent injury, therefore important to prepare the body before practice. Cooling down lowers your heart rate. Here are a set of 7 stretches that you will enjoy!

Forward Bends

Forward bends are beneficial to reduce tension and calm your mind. Here are numerous variations of the forward bend that you can include in your daily yoga practice. You have lots of choices!

Yoga for Detoxification

Yoga not only purifies your mind, but clears away accumulated toxins from your body. See how being in a twist can benefit you and give you optimal health.

Yoga for Immunity

Here are 6 yoga postures that when practiced regularly can help you build a strong immunity and keep you healthy.

Yoga for Sleep

It has been claimed that for every minute you practice yoga you will need one minute less of sleep. Find out which yoga postures can help normalize your sleep cycle.

Yoga for Fertility

If you're planning on having a baby, then yoga can help smoothen the process. Take a look at some yoga postures to help encourage receptivity for conception.

Yoga for Hormonal Balance

Many people suffer from hormonal deficiencies. The good news is that yoga can help rebuild and restore your hormonal imbalances. Find out the magic posture that can help you!

Yoga for Kids

Yoga for kids promotes strength, flexibility, coordination and early learning of awareness of the body and mind. Jillian Zacchia shares with us how teaching children yoga can be a fun experience.

Sleep to be Sexy

Sleeping on a cozy bed with a sea of pillows and blankets is heaven. Sleeping brings upon inner and outer sexiness, as your body repairs, renews and heals itself. Find out how you can induce beauty sleep.

Nature Underfoot

Creating an indoor environment to energize, balance and keep your feet happy is the main focus of this wonderful article by Deborah Norton. Our feet provide us with a solid foundation to keep us balanced.

Just a Breath Away

Focusing on your breath is important to help keep you calm and stress free. Here is a beautiful article written by Wendy Rountree about the act of concentrating on your breath for many benefits.

Improve Posture with Yoga

Having a strong back can improve your posture and make you look taller. Here are a few yoga postures that can specifically add strength to you back.

Yoga Weight loss

Practicing yoga on a regular basis can help you keep those pounds off. Take the fitness challenge to find out how great your shape is.

Yoga Diet

Learn about the right yoga diet for your individual needs. By adjusting your diet, you can dramatically improve your well-being and how you feel.