Eliminate Everything That Weighs You Down

There is nothing wrong with having things, as long as you can visualize your rooms and corners and closets and drawers and feel at ease about them. Everything we own is either serving us or burdening us.

Spend a Day as If You Saw Everything Differently

Do something revolutionary with this day: spend it as if you saw everything differently. This means that, just today, nothing will be irritating and nothing will be ordinary.

Water Yoga for Depression

The practice of yoga can do wonders to help relieve depression symptoms. Going for a swim in the pool or ocean also has restorative effects on your mind. Here is a water yoga practice to brighten up your day.

What Influences our Choices?

Our lives would be easier if we paid more attention to the process of making decisions, especially major ones, then just letting others decide for us. All of our actions have a cause and effect.

Yoga Can Help Prevent Suicide

According to the World Health Organization 3,000 people commit suicide everyday, every 30 seconds a person takes his or her own life. Research has shown that those who practice yoga tend to have lesser suicidal thoughts.

Can Yoga Improve Your Self-Confidence?

Without self-confidence, we let fear take over and conquer us. With the practice of yoga, you get to balance both your physical as well as mental health, which together can improve your self-esteem and confidence.

Yoga for Addictions

Yoga is a great practice for those trying to overcome addictions. Yoga postures and breathing techniques can align and attune your mind, body and spirit, which helps you to stay focused and know yourself from within.

Yoga and Coping with Death

Death is so uncontrolled and so very inevitable. Yoga can help bring comfort when the tragedy of death comes into our lives, and empower us with inner strength, focus and an innate sense of joy.

Yoga Science

Yoga can be an excellent tool for improving mental and physical health. Those who practiced yoga and other relaxation techniques noted a reduction of symptoms such as anxiety, fatigue, anger and pain.

On Suicide & the Dharma

Suicide is an internal drama that needs expression for it to be resolved. Buddhist teacher Michael Stone shares with us the yoga teachings on the fear of death and suicide.

Suicide and Death

Suicide moves from being one option to being the option when meaninglessness grows. Suicide is an attractive and logical solution when the pain and suffering that one is experiencing can't be met in a way that offers relief.


How many times have you seen yourself involved in confusion and drama due to a misunderstanding created by what people have said to each other? Yesica Pineda shares with us her view on communication and clarity.

Past Life Regression in Hypnosis

Peter Fink, a hypnosis consultant in Toronto shares with us how to tap into subconscious memories from past lives, which can help resolve issues that we carry around with us from one life to another.

Vibration of Thoughts

Your body is physiologically tied to your thoughts, beliefs and attitudes. To be healthy, you have to recognize the connection that exists between your mind, body and spirit.

Power of Present Moment Awareness

Amanda Whittal shares with us how to discover the power of the present moment. The mountains truly are only as high as the valleys are low... and the peaks of the mountains are well worth the journey.

Therapeutic Hypnotism

More than 80% of who we are is subconsciously controlled. Learn how hypnotism is a powerful and effective method that allows you to access your subconscious mind.

Yoga for Memory

Practicing yoga and pranayama breathing can empower and boost your brain power and memory. The clearer your mind, the more powerful it becomes. Find out what yoga techniques you can do to boost your memory.

Yoga for the Brain

Ever wonder why you feel so good and refreshed after a yoga class? Yoga can have positive effects on your brain function. Scientists are now proving the many positive effects.

Yoga for Depression

Depression roots from your mind and through patterns, with a result of negative thinking. Negative thinking puts us under constant stress, tension and sadness. This can affect the people around you and the quality of your life.

Yoga for Stress

Stress is something that people deal with on a daily basis. It is the root cause of most diseases over a prolonged time frame by compromising the immune system.

Yoga for Anxiety

Anxiety disorders can affect various parts of a person life: behaviour, thoughts, emotions and physical health. It is estimated that anxiety affects approximately 1 in 10 individuals.

Power of Thought

Many individuals have heard that thinking positive thoughts produces positive results in your life. Tanya Pavan explains ways to achieve your life goals through meditation and daily affirmations.

Art of Breathing

You can live for days without food and water, but you can perish in a matter of minutes without air. Learn how Pranayama breathing is essential for your overall well-being, help clear skin and reduce the signs of aging.

Feng Shui

Feng Shui is a Chinese practice where an environment is structured or arranged to harmonize your living environment and make it auspicious. Written by: Ron DeNardo

Redesigning your Home

Once individuals link together they become something different. This is true in your home also. Deborah Norton shares with us how your home is an extension of your life.

Yoga and Dharmi - The Mudra to Diminish Worries

Mudras are the yoga of the hands. Christelle Chopard shares with us a wonderful mudra to diminish worry and affect your emotions in a positive way.

How Bikram Yoga Saved My Life

Here is an article submitted by: Mary Menzer about how Bikram Yoga saved her life while she slipped into an existential crisis. Find out what happened to her. A must read!

Practice Meets Road

Did you know that the subconscious mind does not know the difference between that which is perceived and that which is real? Siri Shiva Singh shares with us how yoga can train our mind for better life experiences.

Power of Meditation

How to stop all negative thought and learn to still your mind through meditation. A lovely guest article written by: Geri Bryan.

Radical Acceptance

This is a guest article written by: Christopher Oliphant. It is about a girl named Yvonne who is in an abusive toxic relationship. She is learning how to deal with a situation that she can't escape from it.