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A lot of people wonder how I got hooked on yoga and changed my life completely around. This all happened in a matter of months. It was quite an amazing journey that affected my life in so many ways. I was out with the old, and in the new, and loving it.

I thought I had found happiness, while I was working in Marketing and Advertising, which was my field of study, and what I was good at. My job description was to meet with business owners and sell them advertising packages to promote their business. I was on the road all day, and had to meet weekly, monthly, and quarterly quotas. I was highly motivated at the time, and loved meeting people, and being challenged to close large advertising deals. The money came pouring in and soon I thought I was living the good life. It may sound perfect, but it’s not. Something was definitely missing. This took a few years to realize.


As the company grew and became more and more successful, there was more and more pressure on us, (the sales team) to reach higher and higher quotas. This brought on a lot of stress, and anxiety. It became like a game, like the stock market, you’re trying to reach numbers, and once you do, it’s just not enough. The company was never satisfied, and always wanted more and more.

This job affected my life in many negative ways. I was a slave to my job, had long hours, no social life, and was not fulfilled with all the money that I’ve accumulated.

I was working out a few nights a week, doing cardio classes and some weight training, as I’ve always had an active lifestyle. I noticed that my gym was offering yoga classes twice a week, and I became curious about it. This was a time when there was a lot of hype going on about yoga, and how good and relaxing it was.

I decided to try it once, and I was hooked ever since. It was the only hour during the week that my mind was quiet; there wasn’t any chitchat, worry, or negative thought. My body was stretched in so many ways, that I felt so light, calm and happy. As I started to attend these yoga classes every week, I became more aware and confident of myself, and I was more sensitive to my needs. I realized that I couldn’t work at my job anymore, and had to pursue a more satisfying career that had so many positive effects on my body, mind and spirit.

I became healthier right away; I was glowing from the inside out; I slept better at night and I had more energy during the day.

As I began to practice inversions, I felt the fresh nourishment hit my brain, and my endorphins rise. As I learned to take deeper inhales and exhales, I started to feel more oxygen run through my body and mind. Everyone wondered about my new calm and relaxed mentality. People actually noticed. That’s when I decided to take the Yoga Teacher Training Course at Tula Hot Yoga in Toronto. It was 250-hour part time training on evenings and weekends. It took a total of 5 months. During those 5 months, I felt incredible. I was practicing hot yoga almost every night. I basically devoted most of my time to learning the postures, increasing my flexibility, strength and balance.

As my yoga training ended, I quit my job and decided to make instructional yoga videos, and teach the benefits of yoga to the online world.

On April 3, 2009, LexiYoga.com was launched. It is a fun and informative website that focuses on the healing benefits of yoga and healthy living.

I’ve been devoting all my time and energy to make it grow. I write articles, post videos and have yoga music, games and product reviews. I also have writers who contribute content on a regular basis.

I have been extremely lucky that my yoga passion has turned into a successful online business. I love being self-employed, as I can let my own creativity shine.

Yoga is my passion, my happiness and my joy. I feel so alive as I practice, especially during stressful and challenging times. I would never go back to my life before I found yoga. I have found my purpose, and I feel completely balanced, body, mind and soul.

Namaste - LexiYoga

When the breath wanders the mind is also unsteady. But when the breath is calmed the mind too will be still, and the yogi achieves long life. Therefore, one should learn to control the breath.

Hatha Yoga Pradipika

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VIDEO - A lot of people wonder how I got hooked on yoga and changed my life around. This all happened in a matter of months. It was quite an amazing journey.