Contentment and Yoga

Contentment is the second Niyama of the ethical code of yoga. It is the ability to be grateful and satisfied with what you have in the present moment. Moving from negative to positive thoughts in challenging times.

Purity and Yoga

Purity is the first Niyama of the ethical code of yoga. It means Saucha, which is physical cleanliness. It also focuses on positive thoughts, complimenting people and reducing impure thinking.

Yoga and Non Hoarding

Non hoarding is the fifth yama of the ethical code of yoga. It means not wanting or greed-lessness. We always seem to want what we don’t have. This causes endless desires that we don't really need to acquire happiness.


Brahmacharya is the fourth yama of the ethical code of yoga. It means control over the senses, specifically it means chastity. By turning away from distractions of our senses, we can learn to control our mind.


Asteya is the third yama of the ethical code of yoga. It literally means non-stealing or generosity. It all begins with your mind, as feeling fearful or anxious can lead to unhealthy behaviors like stealing or hoarding.


Truthfulness, known as Satya is the second yama which requires knowing what is true, and knowing ourselves. It is more than just lying. Meditation is a way to further our practice of Satya.


Ahimsa is summarized as 'do no harm' and is the first of the yamas. Once ahimsa becomes more natural in your daily life, you'll begin to behave with compassion towards those who you like, and those you dislike.

The Ethical Code of Yoga

The ethical code of yoga was codified in the ancient Indian Scriptures. It tells us about eight steps to enlightenment. These include yamas and niyamas which were practiced prior to yoga asanas. They are moral principles to live by.

Why Meditation?

The goal of meditation is to increase the time of silent space between our thoughts, as most of our thoughts are about the past and the future. Candle meditation and OM meditation are practiced to calm our mind.

Life with 8 Limbs of Yoga

The 8 limbs of yoga are guidelines that aim to reach enlightenment, which is the reward for completing the first 7 limbs that require observing your own discipline and honouring yourself.

The Yoga of Meditation

Meditation allows you to bring yourself into an integrated whole. By focusing on your breath you draw attention to your physical body and physical reality, which allows for the greatest creative potential to be achieved.

3 Powerful Mantras and What They Mean

A mantra is simply a word, collection of words or sounds that is repeated as a means of attaining positive change in one's life. Claire Austen shares with us 3 powerful mantras and what they mean.

Pranayama on the Go?

Shashi Joshi shares with us some pranayama on the go, where you can learn the basics of the Sanskrit language. Certain mantras using nasal sounds can cure most of your headaches in five minutes or less.

The Healing Power of Gemstones

Gemstones are natural products from the earth. Each stone has different healing powers that influence the psychological behaviors of the wearer. Feng Shui uses the positioning power of gemstones to bring luck into your life.

The Art of Palm Reading

Palm reading has evolved from once being a myth from gypsy fortune tellers and old Indian legends. Today, palm reading has become a science of retelling the story of someone's life just by taking a look at their hand.

Yoga Inspirations to Keep the Doctor Away

This lovely satin pouch contains Yoga Inspirations that are full of healing sayings by Yogi Bhajan to inspire and uplift your spirits. Find out how you can offer these words of wisdom to your yoga students.

Black Tourmaline & Evil Eye

Black Tourmaline is a special stone known to absorb negative energy in your life. Rubbing it is also said to bring luck. Mira Saraf explains how she dealt with the turmoil in her life using this Black Tourmaline evil eye shield.

Meaning Behind Your Name

The letters in your name can show you what your future holds. It can reveal hidden aspects of your life and can help you maximize your full potential. Some of you may want to change your name! Find out the letters of fortune!

Predict Financial Markets with Astrology

Find out if it's a good time to invest and take financial risks. Lynn Hayes predicts with astrology if the optimism of the planets Jupiter and Neptune give us the go ahead to invest and take charge or to wait it out.

Yoga and Buddhism - Woven Paths

Buddhism and yoga are natural companions. Cynda Fuentes contributed a wonderful article about how one practice is an extention of the other. Their paths are woven together with the same strands.

Enlightening Experience

Here is an article by: Janez Wall. She is sharing her experience about the brow chakra which was burnt onto her pillow. It allowed her to have a personal connection to the universe.

Anusara Yoga

Here is an insightful guest post written by: JC Peters, about finding god through the practice of Tantric Philosophy and Anusara yoga.

Clear away Negativity

Learn how to clear away toxic energy and thought by relaxing in an Epsom Salt bath.


Learn the secret to pure happiness. It lies deep within us, our surroundings and within our inner peace.

Earth Web

We are all connected like a spider web on this earth. All our actions cause a chain reaction and effect everything around us, our environment and the people in our lives.

Full Moon Affects

Find out how the phases of the moon effect our actions and emotions. We've all heard the term 'lunatic'.

Mirrored Image

What do you see when you look in the mirror? Love, hate, judgements? Find out what it all means.

Balance your Chakras with Sun Salutations

Learn how to balance your chakras through practicing the sun salutation sequence.

Yoga Essence

Did you know that yoga can make your life extraordinary by opening up creativity and removing dark layers of perception and negative thought processes? Find out more...