Relationships and Intimacy

Ramp Up Your Passion Potential

Passion is vigor for life. The more you have, the more you get. None of us can afford to let life get boring. That starts a downward spiral of passionless living: no interest, no energy, no youthfulness.

5 Love Quotes to Inspire You

Being in love and in a committed relationship is something most of us seek in our lives. Relationships take a lot of work, vulnerability and honestly. Here are 5 love quotes to inspire you.

The Yoga of Sexual Energy

Our sexual fluid contains the highest amount of Prana. This means that our sexual energy is the creative and magnetic energy of the universe. Learn the benefits of sex energy transmutations.

Food, Prana and Love Magnetism

To get in touch with our higher love nature and attract love, our bodies need to be filled with foods with high Prana energy. We can use food to elevate the human mind and become magnetic.

High Energy Love

Make sure you can raise your energy. And then, you will be able to attract the right energy—the one that doubles yours. You will attract the person that’s looking for exactly what you radiate—at that moment. So, you take care of yourself; you spoil yourself.

Yoga and Pheromones

Ever wonder why some connections that two people have are almost inseparable? Yoga can work wonders to enhance pheromone production and increase your chances of attracting more admirers.

Unconditional Love

Another Valentine's Day is upon us – a day when it appears that everyone else has a perfectly happy committed relationship. In other words, a day when most of us writhe in disappointment.

Can Yoga help you find your Valentine?

Finding love through yoga can transform you from the inside out. Find out how the yoga approach will activate the great laws of creation to send you a superb, stable mate, your Valentine!!

How to Celebrate Love

If we want to find the love of our life, then we need to pay attention to our heart. The powerful law of attraction can bring powerful energies of love from the universe, but we have to learn how to feel the connection.

What Does Love Mean To You?

We all express love in different ways, so why does the whole fairy-tale romance and unconditional love that we desire most seem so unreachable? We need to ask ourselves what the real meaning of love is.

Mindfulness in Giving and Receiving

This holiday season don't stress about the gift giving process. Instead, focus your attention on bringing your full presence to all the moments you are blessed with, and share them with the people you love.

Can Yoga Heal a Broken Heart?

Once you've cried over a break up and realize that you can't really cope, even after a long period of time, then you need some kind of method to help you move on. Yoga can help balance your emotions.

Feeling Lonely? Yoga can Help Lift your Spirits

When you're feeling sad and lonely the world seems like a useless place to be in. Yoga is a great way to help you find peace and some stability to make better decisions. Yoga can definitely help you find more meaning in your life.

5 Yoga Poses to Improve Intimacy

The practice of yoga can definitely help you reach greater heights of intimacy and pleasure. Being physically strong and emotionally at peace is the key to enhancing intimacy in your life.

Yoga For Dating: 5 Practical Benefits

Getting back into the dating scene can be quite overwhelming for some. Yoga can help to improve your confidence, and enhance your attraction not only on a physical level, but also on a spiritual level.

Yoga for Singles

Yoga can be an alternative approach to dating for singles. Meeting like minded people that value wellness and health is a growing trend through singles and partner yoga. Find out how to meet a yogi near you!

101 Marriage Quotes

Here are 101 marriage quotes.Before marriage, a girl has to make love to a man to hold him. After marriage, she has to hold him to make love to him. Marilyn Monroe.

Why Yoga is a Better Aphrodisiac Than Alcohol

Sleeping with Yogis is way better than sleeping with drunks. Find out why yoga is a better aphrodisiac than alcohol. Yoga not only makes you feel sensually beautiful inside, it also helps to produce a sensually beautiful body.

Can Yoga Save your Marriage?

Is your marriage going down hill? One way to revive the passion and deep strong connection between you and your spouse is through the practice of yoga and strengthening your union with god.

How to Attract the Love of your Life

Did you know that your relationships with men has a lot to do with your environment and the floor plan of your home? Learn the science of harmonious living to attract the love of your life, and meet the man of your dreams.

Yoga and Singles

If you're tired of the dating scene, then yoga for singles can be a great solution to meeting a fit and healthy companion. Partner yoga can create a chemistry for both singles and couples.

Feng Shui your Bedroom for Romance

Your bedroom should be a sacred place for sleep and sex. Learn 5 simple corrections you can make to enhance love, romance and sexual desire in your bedroom using Feng Shui cures.

Finding More Love with Feng Shui

Here are 5 simple Feng Shui changes you can make to your bedroom to add more love to your life. These simple Feng Shui cures will help to increase the flow of energy in your bedroom and spice up the romance.

Finding Meaning in your Relationships

How is it that two people can perceive and experience the same event in such different ways? Andrea Vawda shows us ways to find meaning and coexist with one another and build a deeper connection.

What if you're in a Mediocre Relationship?

Every couple goes through the so-called "honey-moon" phase, where the first few months you just gaze into each others eyes. After awhile you reach your comfort zone and wonder why you'd miss your old life....

Signs, Signs, Everywhere Signs

Andrea Vawda has always looked for signs to help guide and comfort her, especially in her relations with men. The song 'Why doesn't this much younger guy see how great my old ass is?' has been following her.

Improve your Relationships with Yoga

Yoga can benefit you more than just physically. Yoga is an art that can deepen the way you love yourself and others around you, therefore improving your relationships and the way you treat others.

Spiritual Growth from Child to Adult

A child is awakened into this world surrounded by love. As we become adults we realize through relationships that there is no permanence. Find out the spiritual growth that a child goes through to become an adult.

Birth Order and Romantic Compatibility

Your birth order is connected to your personality and can predict your best and worst romantic match. Firstborn, middleborn, lastborn and only child all have different qualities. Find out your most compatible match.

Healing Power of Love

The healing power of love and touch has tremendous positive affects to our mind, body and spirit. Find out how lonliness can kill you faster than cigarettes and how the simple act of hugging someone can cure you.

Yoga to Improve your Sex Life

Practicing yoga on a regular basis can help improve your sex life and increase your self awareness. Find out more.

Partner Yoga

Partner Yoga is a great way to connect, get creative, improve communication, trust and closeness with your partner. Here you can find ways to make it a sexy activity!

101 Romance Quotes

Here are 101 romance quotes to inspire you to cherish your heart's desire. Love is always open arms. If you close your arms about love you will find that you are left holding only yourself. Leo Buscaglia.

101 Love Quotes

Here are 101 inspirational love quotes to melt your heart away. It's easy to fall in love. The hard part is finding someone to catch you. Unknown.

101 Relationship Quotes

Here are 101 inspiring relationship quotes about relations between lovers, family and friends for you to enjoy. Shared joy is a double joy; shared sorrow is half a sorrow. Swedish Proverb.

101 Broken Heart Quotes

Being in love can make you laugh and make you cry. For those sad souls with sad hearts, here are 101 broken heart quotes to reflect your deepest emotions.

101 Sex Quotes

Here are 101 sex quotes for you to enjoy! From sex, love, dating and passion, these will definitely revive your desires.

101 Kissing Quotes

Here are 101 beautiful kissing quotes to make you cherish and appreciate each and every special kiss that comes your way. Kissing is like drinking salted water. You drink, and your thirst increases. Chinese Proverb.

Sex as Duty

Sex as duty is an expression of sexuality that can open the doors to creativity and intimacy that can deepen your relationship. Being sexually demanding can cause stress in some relationships.

Sex as Need

With acceptance and communication, sex as need can deepen intimacy between a couple. Christopher Oliphant explains how this type of sexual expression is tied to your self-esteem.

Sex as Filler

Many people have sex as a filler because of boredom or lack of purpose in life. These people may take up new sexual adventures for the sake of keeping them busy.

Sex as an Outlet

Sex as an outlet is accepting the desire for risk. It is a sexual expression for those that want aggression or submission. Christopher Oliphant explains that expressing your sexual needs in a healthy way is the best way.

Sex as Novelty and Exchange

Sex as novelty is when people need constant newness with their lovers. Sex as exchange is when you exchange sex for material items. Read more to find out why people act unconsciously with their lovers.

Sex as Spirituality

Sex as spirituality is when individuals use sexuality as an escape from the physical in order to disconnect from the body and reach another dimension.