Anti-aging Secrets of Facial Yoga

Facial yoga, special yoga poses for toning facial muscles, is full of anti-aging secrets that can help you to look young forever. Facial yoga is a highly beneficial, fast and easy way to preserve or restore the contour of your face. Additionally, it is cost-effective with long-lasting effects.

facial yoga

Youthful appearance is an indication of a healthy body, mind and spirit. Maintaining an ageless face is quite a difficult job. As we age, our face starts to exhibit the signs of senescent. Wrinkles, sagging of face, laugh lines, crow's feet, double chins, and bags under eyes are some of the aging signs that can make us uncomfortable or even timid. Financial constraints, lack of time and side effects associated with medicinal or cosmetic intervention prevent us to use such options to preserve the beauty of our face. Facial yoga is a good solution to achieve youthful and glowing complexion if you are noticing aging signs on your face.

Aging is natural and hence unavoidable. Sun exposure, faulty eating habits, insufficient water intake, poor sleep, lack of physical activity, smoking, and too much use of cosmetics and living under stress and strain are some of the few factors raising your risk for aging changes too earlier than expected. Yoga and meditation have a unique power to deal with such risk factors to minimize their harmful effects on a body. Besides facial yoga offers a lot to re-establish and maintain the facial contour.

Anti-aging Secrets of Facial Yoga

Complementing facial yoga with meditation can keep you calm, boost your self-esteem and keep you feeling relaxed and confident.

Here are some Facial yoga poses:

Lion Face

Take a deep breath through your nose, with firm fists of both hands, clinch all your facial muscles. Now exhale forcefully through your mouth, extend your tongue outward and stretch it towards your chin with rolling of your eyes looking up. Then release of hands, and relax your face. Repeat this procedure at least three times for best results.

Peculiar jaw stretch releases tension in facial muscles and tones up the neck muscles.

Buddha Face

Sit relaxed with closure of eyes and focus on a point in between the eyebrows. Remain in this position for few minutes for good effects. It helps to strengthen your eye muscles.

Baby Bird

Press tip of your tongue to the roof of your mouth and try to swallow. Now tilting your head on a left side try to swallow. Repeat the same procedure on a the right side. This pose helps to prevent jowls formation.

Smiling with Purse Lips

Purse your lips with bringing corners of mouth together. Now smile for few seconds, relax and release. This provide effective toning to the muscles around your mouth.

Pronounce Vowels

Pronounce each vowel loudly for at least five seconds by using as many facial muscles as possible. This is a good exercise to tone facial muscles.

Additionally trying yoga poses such as shoulder stand, inversions and corpse pose can improve blood circulation to the face and neck area. Regular meditation with a prime focus on breathing can keep you calm, make you feel relaxed and drag out any facial tension. Hence yoga and meditation are effective remedies for attaining a healthy and young appearance.

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