Food, Prana and Love Magnetism

Written by Vishwanath Iyer.

According to yoga science, the food we eat looks like matter to us, but in reality it is Prana in the form of vibration. The vibratory energy of food effects our minds and in turn, our thoughts and emotions. These vibrations render the mind either cheerful and healthy or sluggish and lazy. To get in touch with our higher love nature, our thought vibrations have to be at a higher vibration. By eating eating foods with high vibratory energy (high Prana), we automatically raise our thought vibrations.

love watermelon

Making conscious eating choices is one of the key ways you can build your magnetism. We accumulate different quantities of Prana, depending on the foods filling our diet. Some foods are high in Prana and provide us with energy, balance and high magnetism; others are low in Prana, use up the body's energy, and demagnetize us by pulling us down.

Foods low in Prana include processed foods, red meat, and any food stored for too long. Foods high in Prana are what power the cells with healing energy. If we live on food infused with high amounts of Prana, it keeps the body and mind strong, slows down the aging process so we retain youthfulness; promotes well-being; and makes the body an ideal instrument for expressing higher soul potential. After all, yoga supports a holistic approach to health. It is about attending equality to the body, mind, and soul. So besides keeping the body extremely healthy, this high Prana love magnet diet actually promotes mental health, striking at the root of any problem when it comes to psychological well-being. The diet has nothing to do with supporting a self-critical attitude about being overweight, and has everything to do with accumulating Prana to increase magnetism.

A high-Prana diet helps us balance our mind and rid the body of toxins by increasing the power of digestion. We are then able to sustain a feeling of well-being, maintain a healthy digestive system throughout our life, and get to an ideal shape so that we are using the body to it's fullest potential. Did you ever think the extra pounds you put on over the holidays could be keeping love from you? For every extra pound of body weight, the body has to produce seven new miles of blood vessels. If the body uses up more energy, the heart has to put in more work. This tress on the heart leads to a depletion in the body's Prana bank account. Losing a few pounds can reduce the workload imposed on the heart. So where might the extra energy or Prana, saved from not having the additional daily workload, go? Into strengthening the magnetic power of the heart to attract love, of course!

Food is just matter unless we use it to elevate the human mind from weakness to strength.

If we think about this when we make our diet selections, and choose food that fit certain criteria, we can:

Love Hormones Enhanced by Foods

When you are in love, do you know why you feel so euphoric? That great feeling is created by a few hormones. Here is a list of love hormones and the foods that enhance their production in our body.

As long as these hormones are present in the blood stream, you will retain that great feeling. High Prana food choices enhance mood to make you feel amazing all the time.

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