Yoga Postures

Boat Pose
Boat Pose balances the entire body on your sitting bones. It builds your center core and is associated with willpower.
Bow Pose
Bow pose provides mental stimulation with increased energy and vitality. With regular practice, you can maintain eternal youth.
Cat Pose
Cat pose allows you to focus on movement with breath. It increases flexibility of the spine, keeping it strong and lengthened.
Camel Pose
Camel pose is an intense back bend. It opens up the heart chakra and is associated with love and inner emotions.
Child's Pose
The pose is called Child's pose because you form the shape of a baby and your spine is curved naturally like a fetus.
Cobra Pose
Cobra works on opening up four chakras within the body. It opens up the chest and reduces tension, stress and fatigue within the body.
Corpse Pose
Corpse pose is a relaxation pose that eliminate fatigue and keeps you calm. It is a very basic pose in yoga.
Downward Dog
Downward dog creates great sensations within the body. From your toes up to your hips, and down to your finger tips.
Fish Pose
Fish pose is known as "the destroyer" of all disease. It resembles the fish. It opens the lungs, heart, back and abdomen.
Headstand has rejuvenating affects to the mind. It sharpens your memory, thinking power and increases mental alertness and clarity.
Legs Up
Legs up Pose is a restorative inversion. The body is relaxed, with the feet above the heart, allowing the heart to rest.
Plank Pose
Plank pose targets many areas of the body, mainly strengthening and toning the core. It is mostly seen in the sun salutation series.
Plough Pose
Plough pose does wonders to the body physically and mentally. It opens up all the chakras within the body simultaneously, creating balance.
Rabbit Pose
Rabbit pose brings the most stimulation to the crown of the head, which helps improve any hormonal imbalances.
Seated Twist
Unwinding with a seated twist is a great way to relieve stress, mild depression, anxiety and detoxify your body.
Shoulder Stand
Shoulder Stand reverses the effect of gravity by revitalizing the organs as pressure is relieved from the lower region of the body.
Standing Forward Bend
Forward Bends improve circulation, as fresh blood and nutrients are moving down to the brain, which is very calming on the body and mind.
Warrior I
Warrior I is a grounding pose that produces internal heat that purifies the body. It provides balance, confidence and builds stamina.
Wheel Pose
Wheel pose is a backbend that strengthens and lengthens every vertebrae, therefore increasing elasticity and flexibility of the spine.