Trace Minerals from the Sea

Written by Lori Nichols Davies.

If you have brain fog, or unusual food cravings, or physical, emotional or social problems, would it surprise you to learn that mineral deficiencies can do that to people? My eyes were opened when I read, Heart disease, cancer, and cystic fibrosis are due to selenium deficiency. Fifteen vitamins will not work unless we get all eighty-four minerals daily. Death by unknown causes is really a lack of the trace minerals, says pathologist, Joel Wallach, BS, DVM, ND and Ma Lan MD, in their book Rare Earths, Forbidden Cures (1994) by Double Happiness Publishing.


There is no better source for trace minerals than the sea, both the salt and the food. The benefits of ocean salt, fish and sea vegetables (weeds is a misnomer) in the human diet are well known to cultures that evolved by the sea. They are a dietary staple to coastal people in Hawaii, Asia, Ireland, Scotland, Iceland, South America, Canada's West Coast and Atlantic provinces. Seaweed helped the Irish survive famine. These green foods are fantastic sources of proteins, digestive enzymes, vitamins, potassium, and trace minerals such as iodine, chromium, and selenium, rarely found in modern day soils. Sea vegetables remove toxic chemicals and heavy metals - like mercury and strontium 90 - from the body. They support the immune system by combating bacteria and viruses, such as the herpes virus.

Power of Superfoods, 2nd Edition. Sam Graci

Find kelp powder to make kelp salt at the Carleton Place Granary on Main Street, or a good variety of dried leaves from dulse leaves to Wakame at Steve's Independent Grocery Store on Hwy 7 to make a garnish on every dish instead of black pepper. The iodine will revive a sluggish thyroid that affects anyone who is overweight.

According to Rosalie Bertell, MD, President of the International Institute of Concern for Public Health, in Toronto, Seaweed can bind to and eliminate heavy metals from the body. In the '60's and 70's researchers at McGill University, in Montreal, showed that sodium alginate, a derivative of sea vegetables, binds to nuclear radiation molecules such as Strontium 90 (a dangerous compound from atomic fallout) to help eliminate it. This elimination of toxic metals reduces weight also, for the body in its wisdom holds onto to excess fat and water to dilute toxins so you can live.

Since 1934 North American soils have been depleted of trace minerals. Ninety-percent of us are deficient in iodine, even those who eat fish, but not every day. The thyroid gland needs iodine every day. You can get iodine drops from (Trophic Foods) at some health food stores. Drink a drop in a glass of water, and increase it by a drop per day for the week. Then stop a day and start again. Iodine drops reduce pain, weight, regulate body temperature, and prevent fibrous tumors in the breast and uterus. It helps the body fight virus, flu, fungus and yeasts.

North American children suffer learning and behavioral disorders due to trace minerals deficiencies. More allergies, asthma, cancer, and juvenile diabetes, and more cases of fibromyalgia and lupus are helped with trace mineral therapies. Just ask a naturopathic doctor. Your answers are found through the mineral rich sea vegetables. Build your immune system by detoxifying the body of pesticides and PCB's from plastics by using sea vegetables daily.

Kelp and dulse are a natural Canadian resource. They come in leaves, powders, and tablets and drinks. If you have a garden, plan to collect long strips of kelp to lay out on your driveway in rainy seasons. This will wash and drain a few times (to reduce the salt) and will add important potassium, iron, iodine, and trace minerals to your soils!

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