Yoga for Attractive Boobs

Written by Dr. Minakshi Welukar.

Now you don't have to hide your boobs in push up bras any more. If you're looking for a good remedy for droopy breasts, try yoga. Yoga gives your breasts an excellent lift and perfect contour.

yoga for boobs

Breasts signify a woman's beauty and body fitness. Sagging breasts can make you feel shy and take your confidence away, especially when you're in the nude, and while shopping for your favorite clothes. This can badly affect your self-esteem too. In such situation, you may be the victim of all commercials claiming for toned and firm breasts. Even some can opt for breast lifting surgery. Padded bras and other wacky boob boosters are not only costly but also cumbersome to carry.

Physical posture, breathing exercises and meditation all help to achieve perfect body posture, so you can walk gracefully with a nice youthful body appearance.

Breast Toning: A Problem in Itself

Breast sagging is a common complaint with aging. However, many women notice it, to a great extent, with pregnancy, breastfeeding, and after losing weight. Breasts are made up of mainly fatty tissues and milk producing glands but lack muscle mass. This makes it difficult to tone the loose skin in sagging breasts. When breast tissues are no more able to hold your breasts, you experience droopy boobs. So, the question is what you can do to achieve a better-looking bust-line?

Try breast firming exercises that tone the underlying muscles on which your breasts rest. Stretching and strengthening the chest muscles surrounding the breast tighten and lift up the breast. Yoga works for almost all breast problems and imparts you a more curvaceous look.

Yoga for Good Breast Shape

Yoga is a natural method having a direct impact in improving breast shape and health. Yoga exercises with peculiar stretches help to streamline topheavy silhouettes and give them a perkier shape. Good breast pockets with enhanced cleavage can heighten your beauty and boost your confidence.

Yoga to Tighten Breasts

Yoga postures mentioned below stretch and open the chest. Hence, these poses help to strengthen the chest muscles and subsequently tighten the breasts.

All yoga poses tighten chest muscles and give your breasts a more defined shape.

Yoga Lifts up the Breasts

Yogic asnas mentioned below have an ability to oppose the gravitational force and prevent downward pulling of the breasts.

Useful Tips for Healthy Breasts

Regularly massage of your breasts with moisturizer with vitamin E or shea butter helps to maintain elasticity of breast skin and improve circulation.

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