Online Games

Fall Tree Jigsaw Puzzle
Challenge yourself with this fall tree jigsaw puzzle. The faster you complete it, the higher score you get. There are 5 different levels to choose from, simple, easy, medium, hard and extreme.
The Great Kitchen Escape
Escape from the kitchen is a fun game where you are locked in a kitchen, and you must look around, grab items and find a way to escape.
Kinetikz is an addictive game where you guide your puck to the target by shooting fire discs. There are 30 levels, so get ready for a challenge.
Obechi Game
Obechi is a relaxing game with beautiful music, where you have to collect an exact amount of dots by creating a ring. This improves your concentration.
Boomshine Game
Boomshine is a very relaxing game that involves making a chain reaction with every click. The music is awesome, so be sure to have your speakers on.
Moon Buggy Game
Use your balancing skills to go for a ride on the moon and capture all the astronauts.
Funny Yoga Game
Make this Yoga girl do funny things!
Tree Climbing Chakra Game
Keep on climbing to reach all the chakras!
Fitness Challenge
Challenge yourself right in front of your computer!
Yoga Dress Up Game
Dress up this yoga girl for class!
Magic Plant Game
Choose the right magic to grow a healthy plant. If you choose the wrong magic at the wrong time, it will shrink.
Flower Power
Help stop the garden from becoming too overgrown with flowers. Match 3 or more flowers before the water runs out!