Divine Love Meditation

Your thoughts become your reality. With regular practice, this divine love meditation will make you magnetic to love in every area of your life. You do not need to look for love, when you know that you are love. See Divine Love Meditation.

Divine Love Meditation

Yoga for Computer Users

Those who work long hours on a computer are prone to chronic pains, eyestrain, eye fatigue and headaches. Practicing yoga can help to decrease pain and muscle tension and improve body circulation that accumulates from sitting in front of a computer for too long. See Yoga for Computer Users.

yoga for computer user

Yoga Benefits on Mental Health

Do you know that yoga isn't just good for your physical health but also your mental health? Millions of people around the world swear by the benefits of yoga. This ancient practice has been shown to improve mental health, physical health, and even spiritual well-being. See Yoga Benefits on Mental Health.

faces of yoga

Mantra Yoga

Mantra Yoga focuses on sound and chanting out loud. Mantras can be phrases, words or syllables. They are chanted to attain transcendence of the mind and emotions. Since our mind tends to wander often, the music of mantras can easily bring the mind back to the intention of meditation and stillness. See Mantra Yoga.

mantra yoga

101 Creativity Quotes

Here are 101 creativity quotes to motivate you to achieve your visions in life.

A creative man is motivated by the desire to achieve, not by the desire to beat others.

Ayn Rand

See 101 Creativity Quotes.

creativity quotes

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