Western Adaptation of Yoga

The western adaptation of yoga and holistic healing is still in its infancy, and quite superficial. Amanda Whittal shares with us how people go for relaxation and to feel good, but usually miss, or are not even introduced to the deeper changes that can be initiated. See Western Adaptation of Yoga.

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Yoga for Dating: 5 Practical Benefits

Getting back into the dating scene can be quite overwhelming for some. Yoga can help to improve your confidence, and enhance your attraction not only on a physical level, but also on a spiritual level. Attraction is based on inner and outer beauty. See Yoga for Dating: 5 Practical Benefits.

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Yoga and Staying Young

Those who practice a vigorous form of yoga just three hours a week are investing in maintaining a youthful glow by switching on the anti-aging hormones that slow down the process from the inside out. See Yoga and Staying Young.

yoga and staying young

Advertise on LexiYoga

If you want to increase awareness of your business online and build your viewership, or if you have a new product you would like to promote, then this is for you. Here is an overview of LexiYoga and why you should advertise to promote and bring exposure for your business. See Advertise on LexiYoga.

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Practical Benefits of Yoga off the Mat

Those that consider themselves modern day yogis should make an effort to apply the work they've done to every moment in their lives, on or off the mat. For every physical action there is an evenly distributed amount of energy towards the spiritual body. See Practical Benefits of Yoga off the Mat.

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Bathtub Yoga Video

Spoil yourself in the tub... soak up in the warm water and enjoy the self-love. Add yoga to the mix, and your body will love you even more. Spending time around water can get your inner creative juices flowing and open-up your sacral chakra. Warm water increases your body temperature, improves blood circulation and relieves any muscle tension. See Bathtub Yoga Video.

bathtub yoga

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