Contentment and Yoga

Santosha or contentment is the second Niyama of the ethical code of yoga. It is the ability to be grateful and satisfied with what you have in the present moment. Moving from negative to positive thoughts in challenging times. See Contentment and Yoga.

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Purity and Yoga

Purity is the first Niyama of the ethical code of yoga. It means Saucha, which is physical cleanliness. It also focuses on positive thoughts, complimenting people and reducing impure thinking. See Purity and Yoga.

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Yoga and Non Hoarding

Non hoarding is the fifth yama of the ethical code of yoga. It means not wanting, non-attachment or greed-lessness. We always seem to want what we don’t have. This causes endless desires that we don't really need to acquire happiness. See Yoga and Non Hoarding.

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Chastity - Brahmacharya

Brahmacharya is the fourth yama of the ethical code of yoga. It means control over the senses, specifically it means chastity. By turning away from distractions of our senses, we can learn to control our mind. See Chastity - Brahmacharya.

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Yoga and the Practice of Generosity

Asteya is the third yama of the ethical code of yoga. It literally means non-stealing or generosity. It all begins with your mind, as feeling fearful or anxious can lead to unhealthy behaviors like stealing or hoarding. See Yoga and Generosity.

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The Ethical Code of Yoga - Truthfulness

Truthfulness, Satya is the second yama which requires knowing what is true, and knowing ourselves. it is more than just lying. Meditation is a way to further our practice of Satya. See Truthfulness.

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The Ethical of Yoga – Ahimsa (Do no harm)

Ahimsa is summarized as 'do no harm' and is the first of the yamas. Once ahimsa becomes more natural in your daily life, you'll begin to behave with compassion towards those who you like, and those you dislike. See Ahimsa (Do no harm).


Western Adaptation of Yoga

The western adaptation of yoga and holistic healing is still in its infancy, and quite superficial. Amanda Whittal shares with us how people go for relaxation and to feel good, but usually miss, or are not even introduced to the deeper changes that can be initiated. See Western Adaptation of Yoga.

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Yoga for Dating: 5 Practical Benefits

Getting back into the dating scene can be quite overwhelming for some. Yoga can help to improve your confidence, and enhance your attraction not only on a physical level, but also on a spiritual level. Attraction is based on inner and outer beauty. See Yoga for Dating: 5 Practical Benefits.

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Yoga and Staying Young

Those who practice a vigorous form of yoga just three hours a week are investing in maintaining a youthful glow by switching on the anti-aging hormones that slow down the process from the inside out. See Yoga and Staying Young.

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