High Energy Love

Make sure you can raise your energy. And then, you will be able to attract the right energy—the one that doubles yours. You will attract the person that’s looking for exactly what you radiate—at that moment. So, you take care of yourself; you spoil yourself. See High Energy Love.

high energy love

Make Sure They Can Feel Your Presence

We want you to enter a room and fill it with your presence. You’ve got lots of good energy around you. And there will be no space for weak and bad energies. Just try to imagine: I am very strong. I have very good energy.
See Make Sure They Can Feel Your Presence.


A Time of Great Helplessness

If you are on your path, there is no need to make plans. Things’ll just fall into place. People right here and now spend too much of that so-called time arranging things, making plans. You don’t have to. You’re leaning towards something because it makes you feel good. See A Time of Great Helplessness.

virtual reality

Getting the Most out of Your Yoga Practice

Starting out a yoga practice can be tough, but it also puts you in an incredibly unique position of curiosity, novelty, and openness. Here are some useful hacks to help you when you’re starting your yoga experience and aren’t sure where to begin. See Getting the Most out of Your Yoga Practice.

yoga practice

Let Go of Your Focus

If you focus on something that means you ignore all the other things around it, more or less. If you take that focus off, that concentration on one single thing, you will have the opportunity and give opportunity to everything else in life that wants to approach you. Everything that you might need to be approached by, so you can learn a lot more. See Let Go of Your Focus.

your focus

Open to Receive Love and Abundance Meditation

Many singles are searching for love but have a barrier inside to receive. This Open to Receive Love and Abundance Meditation can communicate with your unconscious mind to attract true love and abundance by letting go of fears of new things coming in your life. See Open to Receive Love and Abundance Meditation.

receive love meditation

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