How Yoga can Improve your Relationship

As a way of bonding, yoga can improve your relationship and bring you closer. As you practice, you are shutting out the stresses and concerns of the outside world as you focus on the physical and mental connection you have perhaps been taking for granted for some time. See How Yoga can Improve your Relationship.

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Yoga to Keep you Slim

Now that it's holiday season, it's the perfect time to look your best, especially with all the parties, events and family functions. Here is a sequence of yoga postures that you can practice at home to help keep you slim and increase your metabolism. See Yoga to Keep you Slim.

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Pranayama for Health and Beauty

Most people have observed how yogis seem to be much more youthful looking than those who don't practice. Yoga Pranayama are breathing exercises are meant to increase your vital force and may be the answer to sustain health and beauty. See Pranayama for Health and Beauty.

pranayama for beauty

Yoga for Water Sports

Water sports are a fun way to exercise without feeling like you’re actually exercising. If you're looking to improve your sport performance, then practicing yoga should be part of your routine. See Yoga for Water Sports.

yoga for water sports

Yogi Secret Box

I received a lovely package from Yogi Secret. It's a box full of yoga inspired goodies that's delivered to your door every month. It's a nice surprise gift to look forward to. See Yogi Secret Box.

yogi secret box

Eagle Pose

Get twisted! Eagle pose is a more advanced balancing posture where your arms and legs intertwine. On top of working your brain as you twist and find your footing, Eagle pose has lots of other amazing advantages. See Eagle Pose.

eagle pose

Yoga to Improve your Performance at Work

Work is a key part of life for most people. It also allows us to save money for those special things in life and also engage with other people socially. Find out how practicing yoga can boost your productivity at work and have a positive impact on your life. See Yoga to Improve your Performance at Work.

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FRE Skin Care

I received a beautiful set of skin care products from FRE. They created a beauty line specifically for skin that sweats. It's a 3-step routine that focuses on giving you a healthy glow and clear complexion. See FRE Skin Care.

FRE Skin Care

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