How to Sync Workouts to your Menstrual Cycle

As menstruating women, our bodies and minds don’t stay the same every single day; we are in a constant state of flux. Each month, as we go through the different phases of our menstrual cycle, the same type of exercise isn’t always best for our bodies every day. See How to Sync Workouts to your Menstrual Cycle.


Building a Prenatal Yoga Class

There are basic building blocks to teaching an ongoing prenatal yoga class that help build confidence and clarity in the teacher and student. If you have thought about teaching prenatal yoga but lack the knowledge and confidence, here are 5 tips to help. See Building a Prenatal Yoga Class.

prenatal yoga

Yoga to Keep you Slim

Now that it's holiday season, it's the perfect time to look your best, especially with all the parties, events and family functions. Here is a sequence of yoga postures that you can practice at home to help keep you slim and increase your metabolism during the holiday season. See Yoga to Keep you Slim.

holiday yoga

Vibe Water Bottle

I received a beautiful glass water bottle and jar that's infused with love and positive vibes. Vibe bottles are made with sacred geometry, positive words and handled with love. See Vibe Water Bottle.

vibe bottle

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