Connecting with the Love Within

Written by Vishwanath Iyer.

Some say love is divine, some declare it the cure for all diseases, and yet others claim it to be the disease itself. Some say love is what is seen between a loyal husband and a devoted wife, and still others say love makes the world go around.

Most folks also recognize the universal healing potencies of love. Yoga wisdom defines 'love' in its utmost form as a state of being, and the natural inner state of all beings. The yogis say when love becomes a state of giving and joyous sharing, human love becomes magical, eternal, and purified - an ecstatic feeling that transcends space and time.

yoga of love

Will all of us come to feel a beautiful state of overflowing love? Will we too meet 'the one' and experience the bliss and companionship of Soul-to-Soul friendship? Or is a loving relationship with no barriers destined to be a privileged experience of just a select few?

Hasn't a part of you longed with every fiber of your being to have the intoxicating experience of true love? to find the way to meet that mystery someone who will inspire an overwhelming feeling of love in you? This is where Yoga meditation comes to the rescue. Love does not originate from the outside; it is found inside. You meet a person and you fall in love, but that person is just awakening the love which was already within you. Finding love within will lead to finding love without.

But finding lasting love rewires that we first free our mind from the nagging human desire to be loved! If we can do so, it puts us in a state of giving, not receiving. Once we relax into our being, into our own special nook in our hearts where we can be content, love pours in from every corner of the universe. Meditation helps us to relax, allowing us to be comfortable with who we are. Meditation is about expansion, as opposed to confinement. Meditation is about eradicating neediness, desperation, insecurities, and fears, all of which serve as obstacles or barriers to lasting love.

Yoga meditation is a systematic, conscious path to becoming content, so we can sustain that feeling of being loved that builds up our strength, confidence, and self-sufficiency. When we do, we increase Prana and magnetism, and attract a person in sync with our wisdom and understanding.

Love and Meditation: Seen and Unseen

Meditation brings the unseen aspect of love into visibility. Like a humble being who likes to stay in the background, love remains hidden- powerful yet silent, selfless, and flowing from heart to heart. Meditation unlocks the infinite potential of the heart to feel, and to give love.

If love is a mental disease, meditation is its cure; if love is a demand, meditation is its endless supply.

In meditation, we feel love in it's purest form. We realize love not as an outside entity but as the very essence of our being.

The key to feel love is to bask in it. The result is a life realigning itself to match this peaceful inner state, one that draws your ideal mate to you from the happiness you feel within. It might seem strange to see a connection between being 'in love' and meditation, but there are several connections. The goal of love, as in romantic love, is to feel love for your beloved until there are no barriers in love. The goal of meditation is to unlock the love in your heart, to make it flow ceaselessly so that you might know yourself as just love, without your ego or mind coming in the way and blocking it.

In a soul to soul love relationship, there are precious moments of silence, where both people understand each other fully and nothing needs to be said. In meditation, when your restless mental chatter stops, you experience only silence - and in that silence, you feel understood, accepted, and just plain old loved. This love wells up and spreads to your entire being. It's validation is the assurance you need that you are connected to something greater than you were ever aware of before - and this deep connection is what you subconsciously crave in a romantic relationship, outside.

The ancient yogis of India first discovered the power of meditation, and practiced it to cultivate the heart's potential for love. Through the practice of meditation, they found that an expanding heart attracts its likeness. Meaning, to receive love from outside, we first need to feel love on the inside, and then spread that love to the outside.

Getting Comfortable with Silence

Meditation is an opportunity to spend much-needed time in silence, listening to ourselves, becoming aware of our deepest needs, and getting familiar with our thoughts and feelings. In meditation, we become acquainted or reaquintanted) with our true identity as beings who are more than just physical bodies and restless minds. And thus, a beautiful relationship with our previously ignored higher self beings to unfold.

Stilling our thoughts, we actually start manifesting peace, joy, and love, because now we feel them. A feeling of being complete arises, wherein we do not need anyone to complete us. It is then that we know we have connected with our true self. As the heart overflows with abundant love, joy, and peace, what is the first feeling we experience? An expansion of our heart, or a feeling of wanting to share love and to give, arises. When we give, we again feel complete, whole, and self-sufficient. Feeling love within, with no external stimulus, no conditions, and no boundaries, starts to heal us from self-judgements. Fears no longer overwhelm us.

When you replace fear for loneliness and a lack of self-knowledge and self-love with self-awareness, self-acceptance, and the love meditation, it can catapult you into being a love magnet for your dream relationship.

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