What Does Love Mean To You?

Written by Wayne Bilyk.

A little while ago I was having a very intriguing conversation with a very dear friend. The subject soon turned to relationships and love. At the end of this interesting conversation she suggested I write an article on the subject seeing I had such a different perspective on it. Not so long ago I was at a spiritual discussion group where the subject was 'What is love?' I happened to be the last one to say my peace and all I said was 'Love Is!!'.

red heart

True love, pure love, God love, Divine love and Agape love are truly beyond description. It is a question that doesn't need an answer if you have the answer within you. Romantic love on this plane of existence seems so trivial by this standard but does it have to be. Most religious and spiritual people have a concept of this esoteric love that eludes most of even the fairy-tale romances. Why is this? Why does this seem to be so unreachable to us? Our creator, whatever form this takes for you, must love us dearly and wish us to share the same love with all of its creation.

Love is one of those slippery words that have many meanings to different people. Could you say you love everyone? If you do love everyone, our actions would have to change pretty dramatically. Let say that we do love everyone!! It may seem odd to love your enemy even if most spiritual teachings say this. Do you love your spouse the same as your friend? This might cause some issues. What is obvious to me is that you should love everyone but the difference is the expression of that love. Now let's think about unconditional love. For the most part I feel this is an oxymoron. If it is love it has to be unconditional. A spouse can't say I love you if... Love would suggest that all is harmonious and positive and conditions are unnecessary.

Most of us have our feet planted firmly on the ground and can't wrap our hearts around all this esoterics. Perhaps an experience of my own will help clarify this. We look for something tangible and we need go no further than our feelings. I recently listen to the 'Laws of Attraction' on CD. It stated it simply. If it makes you feel happy, you are probably on the right path. If you are unhappy change it.

A while ago I experienced a feeling with someone that was an incredible wow in my world. I described it to her as such. 'I feel a love for you that goes way beyond friendship but also goes way beyond romance. I feel a love for you so pure and so intense that having this feeling is enough. I feel no need to express this love.' Now this is love!! This lady did not share these feelings with me. Can you imagine the love created and shared when two feel this and share it. I hope we all feel this at least once in our lives.

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