Can Yoga Save your Marriage?

Is your relationship with your spouse been going down the road for quite some time now? One way to revive the passion and the deep and strong connection between you and your spouse is through the practice of Yoga.


Yoga has been well-known for its unprecedented benefits for the physical, mental and emotional aspects of human beings. In a certain fulfilling degree, it can restore the healthy relationship within the context of marriage.

Yoga, God, Man and Woman

Strictly speaking, Yoga is the relationship that can be founded in a man, a woman and God. It is about the celebration of the union of humans with God. It is believed before that when a couple is married, they have already achieved a state of marital success. Today, the shift of belief has begun. When a man and woman are married at a registry office or a church, they may think that they have already been successfully married. However by strict definition in terms of yoga, they are not yet at that certain state in yoga and therefore, they are yet considered as truly married as marital success comes with yoga.

Achieving Marital Success

The very step in saving and achieving marital success is for the couple to deeply desire to save the marriage. When a couple deeply wants to save their marriage, then it can be easier for them to execute ways to restore the love and passion that they lost. The couple should also want to be in a union with God. In everything and every way they think, say and act, they should feel the need that they want to connect with Him. They should set their minds that whatever they say and do should be what God wants them to say and do. In other words, marital success is only dependent on Him.

Relating to God

In most circumstances, the brain is rather more important than the heart. This is the main reason why a lot of people and couples for that matter lose connection with their heart, therefore resulting to fights and misunderstandings. In fact, emotional well being has a major contribution in relating with God and having a successful marriage. The focus of attention of the couple should be God alone and to be in a perfect union with Him.

Yoga will help the man and woman if it is interpreted with utmost care and it should relate on God alone and not on others. Basically, the strongest foundation a person can have is by having a deep union with God. As one will have a genuine union with Him, the person will have a great relationship with the self, with others and with the environment. Relating to God will enable a person to have a good connection first with him or herself. Through that, the person can emanate a nurturing relationship with others.

Marriage as the Ultimate Yoga

Yoga is about relationships and is ultimately about the union. The relationship should originate with the self and God. As one establishes a deep relationship with Him, the person will create a relationship that heals, deepens and grows. When a spouse has that kind of relationship then he or she will learn to appreciate, build, restore, love and support his or her spouse in return.

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