How to Attract the Love of your Life

Did you know that your relationships with men has a lot to do with your environment and the floor plan of your home? Your surroundings influence the level of satisfaction of your health, productivity, motivation, love, and happiness in your life.

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This science of harmonious living is called Vastu Shastra. It evolved in India over 7000 years ago by enlightened masters who observed and documented the physical surroundings of the universe. They noticed that nature's five elements, earth, water, fire, air and space are naturally in balance and flow without interruption and in pure harmony for the world to flourish.

Everything around you is connected with universal energy, which flows all around you. When you consciously align yourself with this powerful energy, called qi in Chinese Medicine, you increase your ability to attract anything that you desire, even the mate of your dreams.

When energy flows unrestricted within your environment, that energy supports you to receive more of what you want in life - including the man of your dreams. Vastu texts

When the five elements around you are not in balance, or are disrupted, then energy around you becomes blocked or stuck. This causes an imbalance or stress in your life, Stress leads to disease of the mind, body and spirit, which brings negative feelings and thoughts that can block your ability to create the happiness that you desire, and find the love of your life.

Eliminating stress by balancing the five elements in your environment enhances your ability to create a healthy relationship. Vastu texts

Your thoughts, whether positive or negative have a major significance in the world that you live in. Think of the moon drawing in the tide, like a magnet, your thoughts and imagination pull your future towards you. By consciously focusing on positive thoughts, beliefs and actions, you can have the power to attract anything that you desire, including Mr. Right. If you believe that you deserve happiness, prosperity, good health and success in your life, you will open yourself to receive what you wish for.

Your thoughts, actions, and beliefs greatly impact your world and your ability to attract Mr. Right. Vastu texts

Clearing Clutter to Attract Mr. Right

Clearing the clutter in your home and office can create a long lasting relationship. When there is a mess, or stagnant energy blocked in your surroundings, it brings upon a barrier between you and meeting the man of your dreams. As you know, natural energy needs to be flowing gracefully without interruption.

Having a pile of dirty clothes and old magazines stacked in a big pile in your bedroom can be harmful for your love life. If you're a collector or have lots of things that you can't get rid of, then proper organization is the key.

When clutter builds up in different areas of your home, it creates an imbalance in your life and energy. This prevents you from reaching your ideal life potential. Once you take action and clear your personal space, you will notice a difference in how you feel, and suddenly your mind will be clearer, and you can focus on attracting a healthy long lasting relationship.

The best and most beautiful things in this world cannot be seen or even heard, but must be felt with the heart.

Helen Keller

Directions & Elements

According to Vastu, the location of clutter accumulated in your home can determine what challenges you face in attracting the love of you life. If for example you have clutter in the southeast corner of your home, then you may lack passion and intimacy with men, which blocks you from taking a relationship to the next level.

Since everything in the universe is connected, earth, water, fire, air and space also relates to your home. Here is a useful list of the eight directions that have a strong influence on specific areas of your life. You can notice in your own home which direction affects you most. If you have clutter in that specific spot, then it's time to clear the clutter.

Process of Attraction

Science has established that we are more than just physical beings. The physical world around us is composed of constant molecular movement that is influenced by our thoughts and actions. This is the study of quantum physics, that has proved a basic principle of Vastu, that we are the creators of our own lives. This means that we can make positive adjustments in our life to create whatever we desire.

The process of attraction involves believing in how much possibility the universe holds for us as individuals. Most people have limited beliefs and perceptions on what they truly deserve and are worthy of in a relationship from their childhood. Having these limited perceptions hamper your potential experiences in life.

Once you make a commitment with yourself to really know what you want and desire from the man of your dreams, then you can ignite the source of attraction.

By clearing your mind and writing out on paper your thoughts and desires on your Mr. Right, you can open up energy to bring forward all your wishes.

This process focuses on defining the qualities in detail of what you want in a man and a long lasting relationship. This should be done during the two weeks leading up to the full moon. You will do it every night before bed for seven consecutive nights. It should be the last thing you do before falling asleep on each night. You will need seven pieces of paper, each marked at the top with one of these topics:

Once you're relaxed in bed, you can write as much as possible on each topic. You are emptying your mind completely with any thoughts or desires personal to you.

On the next six nights, you must read over your list, and keep refining, reviewing, adding or subtracting until you are 100% satisfied with it.

Keep the pages near you as you sleep each night, as words have tremendous energy and work on many levels. This exercise is of great benefit to you, as you're engaging your mind, body, spirit, intellect and emotions with the powerful words that you have written. As you sleep, new and vital energy will be shifted into your physical experience.

In the morning of the eighth day, wrap your completed list in a piece of fabric and store it in an undisturbed place until the next full moon. You will use your list when you create an altar to use the power of the full moon to attract your dream man.

Powers of the Full Moon Altar

Creating a full moon altar is very powerful in attracting blessings from the universe that you are ready to receive love, health, prosperity and happiness. The full moon altar amplifies anything you have to offer. Your deepest desires will be drawn to you. It supports your ongoing gratitude and ignites your attraction energy for the month ahead.

Gratitude creates happiness, as it purifies and energizes your mind, body and spirit, as it transforms both your inner and outer world. Gratitude allows you to become the love you wish to receive.

Your personal altar represents your subconscious mind. Therefore, when working at it alone, your own subconscious is personified. You also have the option of inviting friends who are also wanting to find and create a long lasting relationship. This community effect brings upon increased results in your desires, as the group's subconcious mind is represented as a whole. Making your altar as a monthly ritual will give you ongoing benefits to your life.

Assemble your full moon altar in the evening leading up to the full moon, and remove it the following day. Place your altar outside if possible, or on a table near a window. It's best if some moon-light touches your altar, as it's quite magnetic and it's powerful energy can be felt from within.

Something from each of the five elements of earth, air, water, fire and space needs to be placed in it's proper direction on your altar. Here is a list of some examples that could be used for your relationship altar. Use your imagination, as the more personal the objects are to you, the more meaningful the ritual will be.

Before you start your full moon ceremony, be sure to be freshly bathed, and wear clean clothes. Take your wish lists from before and read them out loud once again. Imagine your ideal Mr. Right as you place your list in your offering tray. Light a candle or incense, and ring a bell if you have one. Pause and reflect on gratitude and have respect for what the moon has to offer through energy, power and grace. Now hold the lists that symbolize your Mr. Right in your left hand. covered by your right hand, and placed over your heart. Take a few deep breathes and imagine your Mr. Right coming your way. Once your papers feel saturated with request for love, place it back on your offering tray.

Trust the process, and let go of any doubt. Just imagine that the universe will surprise you with wonderful things in every aspect of your life. Having doubt blocks joy and forces energy downward, so it's important to think positively, as good things will follow, and you will be on your way to attracting the man of your dreams.

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