Benefits of Partner Yoga

Partner yoga is a great way to get creative and enjoy practicing yoga postures. It allows you to connect both physically and emotionally with your partner. You can practice together with your spouse, friend, fitness buddy, parent, child or anyone else. You can do the same pose at the same time, intertwine a pose to create a new one pose, or support each other in a specific posture. The main focus is to gain sensitivity and build trust to your partner's needs.

partner yoga

Partner Yoga helps to deepen and increase the stretch and impact of a yoga posture, without any pain. One partner's body weight can be used to increase the pressure of the other partner. Working together with another presence while supporting each other can help build trust and communication.

Your partner serves you like a mirror, to help you with proper alignment, balance and concentration. At the same time there is a level of playfulness, fun and laughter.

Practicing with your life partner can be very intimate as it can bring you closer, deepen a connection and revive a love that was lost. Your partner will enjoy the closeness and getting all sweaty with you. Another benefit is that your body will produce endorphins to uplift your mood. This can put a smile on your face and encourage the feeling of happiness in your life.

The shared touch in yoga can do wonders for your soul. The gentle touch, breathing and focused attention to each other while engaging in postures together can revitalize your spirit. The possibilities are endless. You can try a few postures with a blind fold, as you totally rely on your partner for support. You can get creative and delight your sensations in many ways.

Partner Yoga - Child's Pose
Child's pose is a wonderful favorite to explore with a partner. This partnered variation gives a deep release to the sacrum and lower back. This is an amazing posture to practice that's pretty simple to do.
Partner Yoga on the Beach
Dashama and Josiah Batson go through a beautiful partner yoga sequence on the beach. This is quite advanced, so do not try at home, unless you have an experienced yoga teacher with you.
Partner Yoga with Kate and Milena
Kate McKinnon and Milena show you some yoga postures that you can do together with your partner to get a great stretch.

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