Yoga for Singles

Written by Mira Saraf.

If you are tired of the bar and club scene, and Internet dating just isn't cutting it, you can meet likeminded people that value wellness and health as much as you do through singles yoga. It is an alternative approach to dating. If you are already dating someone, partner yoga is also becoming quite popular as a way to reach new levels in your relationship.

yoga for singles

Singles yoga classes occur all over, at different studios in different locations. A simple google search can tell you where the next class is happening in your area. If you keep an eye out on singles networking services, studios, and places like Lululemon.

Fitness Singles combines the best of both worlds: that of Internet dating and singles yoga. For many the additional pounds and calorie-rich meals that come at the beginning of any dating relationship are troublesome and irritating. The idea is that if your health and fitness are extremely important to you, you can meet others like you and share your passion for whatever form of exercise interests you, including yoga. It is actually a dating website. You can find people that match your level as well; you don't have to be a professional athlete or body builder.

Your form of well-being, whether it's yoga, jogging or working out in a gym, is a part of your lifestyle and value system. In yoga this is particularly important, considering the impact that a strong yoga practice has on your mind. You can search profiles just like you would on any dating site and find someone you think is a match for you.

Especially near Valentines Day, many studios are offering couples yoga or couples yoga retreats for the big day. Partner or couples yoga may offer couples a way to connect on a deeper level than previously possible. You touch, you communicate without words and you share each other's energy. You also have the support to go deeper into postures than you would on your own. Think about what yoga does for your mind. If you could incorporate yoga into your relationship, it can help it grow and nurture it into something more meaningful than before.

There is a duo known as 8 Limbs, 2 Hearts who teach what is known as Acro Yoga. It is a combination of partner yoga, acrobatics and Thai massage. Many of their events are held at the Yoga Sanctuary. You will have to check class details to see if prior experience with acro yoga is required (the classes seem to vary in how advanced they are). They also offer some where you don't need a partner as they mix the groups up. This might be an alternative to some of the singles yoga options up above. You can find out more about 8 Limbs 2 Hearts at http://www.8limbs2heartsyoga.com.

When yoga is such a big part of your life, it only makes sense that you'd want your partner to understand or perhaps be able to connect to that part of your life. Most yoga focuses on yourself. Yoga that focuses on your relationship could open up a whole new dimension, never previously explored. If you're single, singles yoga could be a welcome departure from the usual tense coffee dates or strained dinner conversation without the extra calories.

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