Improve your Relationships with Yoga

Yoga is an art that can deepen the way you love yourself and others around you. When yoga is added into your life, you benefit much more than just the physical aspect. Your relationships can also improve in many ways by connecting your body and mind, increasing sensitivity and self trust, living in the present moment, and reducing tension.

Only when we deepen our appreciation of ourselves, and what we have to offer, can we begin to truly appreciate and truly support and love another. When you begin a relationship with someone it is the relationship with your self that continues to deepen as you learn to share your space with a partner.

Ravi Singh

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Connecting Body and Mind

Your body and mind are both connected and work together. With much yoga practice, over time your body becomes more balanced, with increased strength and flexibility. With this comes an increase of awareness and control, which benefits you physically and emotionally. The happiness in relationships comes from paying attention to your partner and enjoying their presence. This can't happen with force or manipulation, it has to happen naturally with ease and delight.

As you learn to pay attention to the "perfection" of others, you become increasingly aware of the subtle ways you affect your relationships and the way they affect you. Yoga, as in relationships, is all about taking personal responsibility, being proactive without aggression and doing less to get more.

Ravi Singh

Sensitivity and Self Trust

The discipline of yoga includes balance, strength and flexibility. These three things will enhance your overall sensitivity and self trust. As you move through your yoga postures, you become more aware of every shift, sensation and feeling that your body is advising you about. You are using your intuition, thus refining your sensitivity, self trust and inner guidance.

When you're sensitive, you can discover beneficial things that feel good to you. You can easily feel what you don't like and what you're not attracted to anymore. An example would be your diet, as certain foods wouldn't appeal to you anymore. With this increasing sensitivity comes self trust. This means that you have the confidence necessary to pursue and follow through the things that feel right to you. Your lifestyle and relationships become affected in a positive way, as you become aware of what things make you happy and fulfilled. You also get rid of things that don't feel good to you anymore.

Living in the Present Moment

Yoga teaches you to respect and trust yourself and pay attention to where you are at the present moment. You learn to accept and respect your body for the moment that it's in, and not where it was before or how you wish it could be. Most people either live in the past or focus too much in the future. This is why they have trouble experiencing the joys and happiness of the present moment.

When you learn to experience life for what it is, and not force yourself or make unreasonable goals, you can then enjoy your life and appreciate what you have. Successful relationships stem from having respect and trust for one another. If you take these lessons into your life, you'll attract healthy and loving relationships.

Reducing Tension

In yoga, sometimes your body feels stiff and tight. This is where you hold tension and energy stagnates, which causes no growth or deepening of your experience. All your joints, limbs and muscles feel useless, and everything seems too difficult. The same can be said about relationships with others, as they can feel like too much work and be entirely difficult.

The only way around this, is to let your guard down and soften your defenses. These defenses took years to develop, starting with your relationships with your parents, brothers and sisters, friends etc. Sometimes letting go and becoming soft is the best way to become stronger and improve your relationships.

Whether you practice yoga on your own, or engage in partner yoga, it's not about perfection. As in relationships, no one is 100% perfect, as every one brings upon different energy to the union. Everything is a process that continues to grow if you're responsible and on the right path.

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