Wayne Bilyk

Wayne Bilyk is a Practitioner of Chi Kung with Positive Energy Resource Centre. He offers Chi Kung Energy Massage that sends universal vibrations throughout your body, and stimulates your immune system for better health.

How to Celebrate Love

If we want to find the love of our life, then we need to pay attention to our heart. The powerful law of attraction can bring powerful energies of love from the universe, but we have to learn how to feel and celebrate love.

What Does Love Mean To You?

We all express love in different ways, so why does the whole fairy-tale romance and unconditional love that we desire most seem so unreachable? We need to ask ourselves what the real meaning of love is.

What Influences our Choices?

Our lives would be easier if we paid more attention to the process of making decisions, especially major ones, then just letting others decide for us. All of our actions have a cause and effect.

Chi Kung and Pregnancy

Pregnancy is the most challenging experience that women go through in their lives. Find out how Chi Kung can create a positive, harmonious and loving process during the whole nine months and beyond.

Chi Kung and Aging

Chi Kung is a natural method to slow down the aging process by keeping our bodies in balance. Having a healthy and balanced immune system ensures that our bodies work in harmony to keep us looking youthful.

Chi Kung - Creating Optimum Health

Chi Kung can help create optimum health by stimulating your immune system, reducing stress and elevating your awareness to take better care of your body and mind.

Chi Kung and Autoimmune Diseases

Autoimmune diseases involves your immune system to mistakenly attack and destroy healthy cells, which cause issues that are difficult to heal. Chi Kung helps to balance your whole energetic system.

From Stress to Cancer and Chi Kung

Stress can take a toll on both your physical and energetic system, which can lead to diseases like cancer. Chi Kung exercises can create a sense of inner peace and balance within your body, mind and spirit.

Chi Kung and Your Immune System

The ancient Chinese Masters discovered that Chi Kung is effective in restoring balance and strengthening your immune system. When your energetic and physical systems are balanced, there is no injury or disease.

5 Reasons to use Chi Kung

It is believed that Chi Kung will become the key path to optimum health, inner peace and balance. Chi Kung is an efficient way to prevent and heal all illnesses or foreign objects within.

What is Chi Kung (Qi Gong)?

The Chinese have practiced an art form called Chi Kung, (also known as Chi Gong) for thousands of years. In China it is used predominantly as a preventative method against many diseases.