How to Celebrate Love

Written by Wayne Bilyk.

Being so close to Valentine's Day, the day we celebrate love, I thought I would write another article on love in Wayne's World. Last month I wrote about the theory of love on a more esoteric view. This month I will detail the search for true love on this plane of existence on a more humanity based aspect. Everyone crosses our path for a reason, from the profound to the subtle. If we are truly interested in finding 'the one', we need to view these encounters as messages to our heart, soul and mind to pay attention to every aspect of the experience and move forward in the learning of another piece of the pie, so to speak. The other thing to keep in mind is the law of attraction, thought to be the most powerful law in the universe. This law states that like energies attract each other. Put another way we asked for these people to cross our path so we should make sure we honour what they have brought to us.

couple in love

Thomas Merton once said, The beginning of love is the will to let those we love be perfectly themselves, the resolution not to twist them to fit our own image. Once we feel there is a connection and potential for the future, given our hopes and desires, the relationship should turn to an intense discovery of every aspect to confirm that this is so. It is important that this phase be profoundly harmonious and accepting of your potential mate. One may find that little things change as we compromise to maintain this harmony but it is critical that one does not change their core values for another. This is not to say that your new mate may show that one of your core values is dysfunctional and produces changes to even these but it must be within your own free will. The partner has only planted the seed of change. It is up to you to give it life if appropriate. This is where a lot of relationships fall off the chosen path. As the quote above states we try to mold them into our model instead of accepting what we fell in love in the first place.

Also keep in mind that there are no coincidences in the realms of love. Everything happens for a reason. Pay close attention to all the experiences surrounding this encounter without letting the emotions powercharge what may not be real. I am not saying to be totally detached either as you may miss opportunities if one is too unemotional. However do not let the attachment run your life as this is not healthy and can lead to reckless behaviour you would not have done otherwise. Like they say love is blind. Do not allow it to also be deaf, dumb and stupid.

So let's believe in fairy-tale romances, love at first sight and soulmates but let's not forget to give our mind a say in these matters and glean what the true feelings are. If it feels profoundly happy then it probably deserves all your attention to make it come to the fruition of true romance. If you find yourselves arguing and resolving conflict by name calling and the like, run for the hills and be very clear that if Mister/Miss Right does cross your path, you will notice.

I leave you with an interesting quote. May we all find and keep love.

A loving relationship is one in which the loved one is free to be oneself - to laugh with me, but never at me; to cry with me, but never because of me; to love life, to love oneself, to love being loved. Such a relationship is based upon freedom and can never grow in a jealous heart.

Leo Buscaglia

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