Time Outs are not just for Children

Written by Diana Koch.

Each and every one of us assumes various roles in our life. You are many different things to every single person in your existence. People and situations will test your vulnerability and strength and for this reason it is imperative to have a positive outlet. The confidence to rise above chaos and to pursue your happiness is very personal. Now there is no way we can overcome these dark moments without self-reflection. In knowing ourselves we are one step closer to knowing our true purpose.


As a mother it never ceases to amaze me just how guilty we feel about taking time to ourselves. After catering to a baby all day and night we are pretty much left in the shadows of who we used to be. Yes, the responsibilities are great and the sacrifice is immeasurable but you still remain. I will admit that when my daughter was born I had a bout of separation anxiety but that quickly passed.

I realized that a breather every now and then was not going to destroy any aspect of my life. So if that means going out for a half hour walk around the block or meeting with a friend to go to a local coffee shop then so be it. When I return home from my downtime I am always renewed with a sense of appreciation.

I realize that life goes on and everything will be fine. I do not have to have my baby strapped to my hip (although it feels like she is most days) to feel secure in her well-being. Plus, it gives her the opportunity to be more independent and to feel safe with others.

Getting over the guilt of having some me time takes both practice and patience. Even twenty minutes to read your favourite magazine or a relaxing bubble bath might just be what you need to unwind. Allowing yourself the freedom to detach yourself from your surroundings is also a way to connect to it all. Being able to shut the door (both literally and figuratively) will allow a new peace into your life. How you use your time is up to you but whatever you do it should be non-stressful and calming.

The purpose of all this is to invite the unknown into your life and to embrace it. The awareness to know when it is time to take a well-deserved break is important. Many of us burn the candle at both ends without ever really getting to know what it is that we want or what we are doing. We are so busy in our daily routines that we become somewhat robotic. Some may say that there is simply not enough time to make time but the key is to make it a priority. Even doing meditation for a few minutes helps. Try sitting all alone in complete stillness in a room and quiet your mind for two minutes. It's not easy.

We all know that unless we are happy there is no way that we can make others happy. You must pay attention to your needs and continuously meet them with enthusiasm. So don't feel bad for wanting to close the door and get away from it all. Who knows, you just may come back a brand new you.

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