Yoga: A Natural Memory Booster

Written By Mira Saraf.

One of the instructors at my yoga studio often remarks that yoga is a one-stop shop for body, mind and soul. In our age of multi-tasking and juggling the very many balls of our crowded over-booked lifestyles, what could be better? Yoga is known for its stress relief and calming effects. Anything that soothes our mind in this way, will automatically empower it and enhance its performance.


There are basically two different ways in which yoga can help your memory. One is through asanas or postures, and the second way is through breathing exercises. All of these techniques have elements in common. They tend to drive oxygen and blood towards the brain hence making the mind a more tranquil place. Increased serenity will invigorate our mental functions and activities. There is great importance in blood flow and oxygen to nourish the brain, and it's functions. Here are a few asanas for memory loss.

Open-legged forward bend is the first posture they discuss. They suggest incorporating this into your daily routine. Through the action of bending forward you send blood to the brain therefore improving the memory as well as other mental functions. Sarvangasana or shoulder stand pose, also augments blood flow towards the brain to improve the mind and stimulates pineal and pituitary glands. It calms the mind and is a great treatment for depression and anxiety.

Bhujangasana - cobra pose, although primarily a spine strengthening pose, revitalizes you and in doing so improves your memory. The act of concentration, yoga works to reduce stress and therefore strengthens your mental functions. Through meditative and breathing exercises such as Pranayama and Kapalbhati (breath of fire), you can learn to focus your mind, send ample oxygen to your brain, which will revitalize it and remove any blockages that may have occurred. They give some tips about the breathing exercises ideal for memory improvement.

Pranayama helps improve concentration and focus pumping oxygen (Prana which is otherwise known as life force) through your entire body including your brain. Om chanting is also said to help improve mental function. There are three sounds - A, U & M. A (pronounced ah) stimulates the spinal cord, U (pronounced "oo") stimulates the thyroid, and M (pronounced "im") stimulates the brain. It produces an incredibly powerful energy.

Kapalbhati Breathing, also known as breath of fire, is known for its power to eliminate toxins from the body. It sends energy towards and calms the mind. This, as in many other exercises, will enhance mental function and therefore improve memory. Bhastrika breathing exercise is also excellent for memory loss. It calms the nervous system and as a result helps our memory. It calms the Prana, allowing it to travel to the brain.

With all of the physical benefits that yoga offers, we can sometimes forget about the mind and soul. There are so many postures that bring peace to our minds and clear cluttered and disorganized thought. The clearer our minds, the more powerful they become. This will sharpen our mental power, and make it easier for us to retain information and be more productive at any of our intellectual pursuits.

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