Twists for Detoxification

Yoga is an ideal way to naturally detox your body, physically, mentally and spiritually. It enhances digestion, reduces nervous tension, strengthens the endocrine system, lubricates the joints, reduces excess fat, improves concentration, and provides resistance to hunger and to the extremes of heat and cold. While practicing yoga, the main focus is to stretch and compress every part of the body. The body is pulled, pushed, twisted, turned and upended in every direction. This helps the removal of waste products such as; lactic acid, carbon dioxide and lymphatic fluids from the deep tissues and extremities of the body. Other forms of strenuous exercise, like aerobics, swimming, jogging or bike riding produce greater amounts of acidity, such as lactic acid and don't offer the same benefits as yoga.

seated yoga twist

Yoga also aids in purifying the mind. It helps clear away toxic and negative thought that can accumulate in the mind, which can lead to stress, anxiety and depression. The focus of yoga postures is to concentrate on the present moment.

The breathing techniques that are practiced provide a greater supply of oxygen into the body. This helps carry away cellar waste that accumulates in all of our cells.

Twists are poses that squeeze and massage your organs. They are postures that provide oxygen to the kidneys and liver by delivering a rush of blood to the tissues. When you release the pose, your organs become flooded with nutrients, and toxins are released. This allows your organs to work more efficiently and effectively by cleansing the blood that circulate throughout your body.

It is important to detoxify on a regular basis. Toxins eventually build up and can cause ill health and disease. Yoga is a an excellent way to cleanse and detox your body regularly.

Seated Twist

It is important to hold the pose for 6-10 breaths to benefit the most.

seated twist

Spinal Twist Video
VIDEO - This is a demonstration of Half Spinal Twist (Ardha Matsyendrasana). This yoga pose is one of the few yoga poses that rotates the spine and has tremendous benefits to the body.

Steps for seated twist

  1. Start with both legs extended.
  2. Bend the right knee and cross you foot over your left leg.
  3. Keep the left leg strong with the foot flexed.
  4. Twist your body over the right leg looking over your right shoulder.
  5. Reach the back arm towards the back floor.
  6. Lift and open your rib cage.
  7. Repeat on the other side.

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