Yoga for Fertility

Are you planning on having a baby? or having trouble conceiving? Yoga can be part of your answer and help your journey toward parenthood become smooth.


Yoga will help you gain confidence, self awareness and relaxation about yourself, mind and body. These are important factors to consider before trying to have a baby, especially if you're having trouble making it happen. This whole situation can put you in alot of stress and anxiety. Which can contribute to problems with conception.

When women have a great desire to have a child, but are unable to, it affects them emotionally. Negative thinking and stress will make it even more difficult, and will impact the whole process.

Yoga can benefit you in many ways, more so than other exercises such as aerobics, swimming, sports etc. This is because vigorous exercises can reduce fertility in some women. Yoga can dramatically reduce stress levels without harming your fertility. Some women are more sensitive than others in terms of fertility.

For chronic exercise addicts, at least half of them are unable to get pregnant. yoga is the key to unlock your ability to conceive, and help your dream to have a baby come true.

There are some Yoga postures for infertility. These poses stimulate your hormone glands, nourish full body rejuvenation, and increase circulation to all your reproductive organs to encourage receptivity for conception.

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Fertility Yoga

Start by stimulating your hormones with these poses:

  1. Supported Headstand
  2. Bridge Pose

Rejuvenate your body with these postures:

  1. Wide-Angle Seated Forward Bend
  2. Child's Pose
  3. Seated Forward Bend
  4. Butterfly Pose

End by relaxing and stimulating the abdominal and reproductive areas with these poses:

  1. Reclining Bound Angle Pose
  2. Lotus Pose
  3. Reclining Hero Pose

If some of these postures seem a bit uncomfortable at first, you can use aids to help. A bolster, pillow, or folded towel can help you into the pose.

These tools are especially helpful in the reclining postures.

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