Yoga for Weight Loss

Incorporating yoga into your lifestyle can benefit you in many ways. Increasing your flexibility, keeping you stronger and stress free. It can also help you lose weight, and keep the pounds off.

weight loss

If you practise yoga several times a week doing exercises that raise your heart rate, such as vinyasa or flow yoga, you can shed those pounds.

These include Sun Salutations.

Doing postures in a heated room is hot yoga. This is especially fabulous for losing weight as well as other benefits.

1. Hot Yoga helps you lose weight, by burning fat more easily. This is because fat is redistributed and burned as energy during paractice. You can lose inches off your body quickly. It also stimulates your metabolism by breaking down fatty acids and glucose.

2. Sweating during the class promotes detoxification and helps with digestion. This release toxins in your body making your inner systems work better.

3. Heated tempuratures help build and strengthen the immune system. This keeps the body strong and more able to fight disease.

4. Heat gives your muscles and joints a greater range of motion. This helps decrease your chance of injury. It also increases strength, flexibilty and slows down the aging process as it helps restore your body to its healthiest state.

Yoga to Keep you Slim Video
VIDEO - Here's a sequence of yoga postures that you can practice at home to help keep you slim during the holiday season. Yoga can increase your metabolism and tone your body, mind and spirit. You not only benefit physically, but also mentally.

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