Mom and the City

Written by Diana Koch.

Life in the city is experienced in an entirely new light when you are pushing around a stroller. As a mother, I am learning that there are challenges to be encountered around every corner. The first mission begins before you even leave your home. No longer are the days when all you did was put on your shoes, grabbed the keys and rushed out the door. Getting yourself and your baby ready requires careful pre-meditated planning.

cute baby

My daughter sits patiently while I take care of the last few details but it's not long before her restlessness kicks in.

Okay, so we made it out the door. Whew.

Now, the next obstacle that I am faced with on a daily basis is the fact I don't have access a vehicle. Thankfully, the public transportation system is reliable but it can still pose issues. First, it is no fun being on a crowded bus that is filled to the rim during rush hour. It's unpleasant enough without a baby in tow so you can only imagine how it is with a stroller.

Quite a few people are accommodating to a woman with a child but not all. Second, getting on and off the bus is another hurdle while in transit mode. Fortunately, a lot of the newer buses are handicap accessible. Although there have been individuals who have offered to help me up and down the stairs. I remember an unpleasant situation waiting for a bus and the driver would not even budge. I thought to myself, what a jerk. But was it really his duty to help me up those stairs? So I continued to wait for the next bus and luckily the driver did not hesitate to be of assistance.

However, buses are not my only predicament.

One day I met up for a lunch date with a friend who also has a baby. We decided to go to a local fast food restaurant. As soon as we entered we were faced with descending stairs and no nearby ramp. I found this particularly silly as it was not accommodating even for those in wheelchairs. Again, we had to find a way to manoeuvre our baby's in the strollers. I brought this to the attention of the employees and they were already aware of this but could do very little for me. Needless to say, we had to strategically plan our entrance and exit plans. It was at this point I realized just how inconvenient some places could be.

I hope you don't perceive me as pessimistic or regretful but there are some realities that cannot be ignored. There was no way to prepare for these challenges. The only thing that I could do was to adapt to my surroundings. So for anyone out there reading this, if you see a man or woman with a stroller please do not hesitate to lend a hand. Chances are that they will appreciate it.

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