Top 10 Yoga Poses for Kids

Written by Marguerite Boyer.

Yoga is just not for the adults who wish to lose weight and boost overall health without investing much time and efforts. It is a totally holistic approach that helps in meeting the goals of attaining healthier, slimmer, suppler, and stronger body of people of all ages. Even kids can do yoga not only for losing weight but also to stay healthy and fit.

yoga for kids

Nowadays, the lives of kids are really becoming increasingly hectic with lots of school activities and parents/peer pressure. In the quest to fulfill the various expectations of parents and prove themselves to the world, many kids are neglecting their physical development. As a result, they become overweight and careless towards their own health although beauty aspects are never ignored. Moreover, they do not like doing strenuous health exercises. This is exactly where yoga comes at rescue to help them to improve their physical as well as mental health. There are many basic yoga poses for your kid's developing body and mind, of which the top 10 are listed below.

Sun Salutations

These are a set of poses that are mainly warm up exercises for increasing blood circulation and flexibility. For remaining fit and bidding farewell to obesity, this pose is really recommended when you perform it with good speed. It is a good source of fun as well.

Shoulder Stand

This is a pose that all kids are familiar with! Even you as a kid must have done it without knowing that you were performing a yoga pose. So, do include this pose in your yoga session for kids.

Tree Pose

This one teaches self control while boosting overall body balance and strength. It needs balance, so ask your kid to focus the eye on a particular object to prevent falling. Encourage the kid to visualize a big tree and its firm roots growing from his or her own feet soles and then going into the ground. Remember, this pose needs to be done on each leg for improving balance.

Forward Bend Pose

This one teaches self-dependence and curbs digestive disturbances. If you want your kid to become more flexible as well as free of digestive problems, this is the right pose to choose.

Fish Pose

This is where kids pretend to act as a fish. With this one, they strengthen their neck and upper back muscles and improve their posture simultaneously.

Relaxation Pose

This is simply mandatory. As the name suggests, this pose gives a relief to your kid from stress and makes him/her to relax.

Lotus Pose

This is another relaxing pose for calming down after tiring activity. This requires sitting in a meditating position with eyes closed, back straight, and palms resting on knees and breathe deeply to get rid of stress.

Lion Pose

This is one of the most delightful poses because of repetitive roaring. Kids not only experience the lion's power, but also recognize the sense of their own power.

Warrior I Pose

This is also a favorite among kids, because it requires them to stand strong and tall that evokes their strength as well as develops self esteem.

Cobbler's Pose

This is similar to lotus pose except that the kid begins to breathe quietly and not deeply, and then do it more gently till the count of 10. This is recommended before bedtime for a relaxed and peaceful mind.

So, by teaching these poses to your young ones not only to have fun but also you are ensuring their improved fitness and health is in place.

Author Bio: Marguerite being a fitness enthusiast loves to blog on fitness and topics related to fitness.

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