Children with ADHA can Benefit from Yoga

Written by Nikita Hillier.

For a long time now, children with ADHD have had to deal with medication and therapy to manage their ADHA. However, this may not be the only option anymore with yoga and meditation making their way up the ranks to treat ADHD. It is proven that when you take a few moments to breathe, observe your thoughts and feelings, and work on mindfulness, you become calmer and gain access to a clearer state of mind.

adhd yoga

The best bit is that yoga and meditation don’t require a prescription or a trip to the therapist’s office. You can also do it anywhere which makes it a good grounding tool. So, let’s talk about all the great benefits of yoga for children with ADHD.


Dealing with an ADHD brain can be hard for a child. Since children don’t have a full understanding of their emotions, when their brain won’t allow them to concentrate, they can often become overwhelmed and upset. However, when kids can concentrate on their breath and completely relax, wonderful things can happen.

When kids can stretch, breathe, and begin to become self-aware, the learn how to keep their mind in one place. Once this happens a few times, they will recognize and understand how good they feel and what once started in a yoga studio can transfer to everyday life. Yoga readily improves attention spans and also improves concentration.


Yoga can be insanely calming for kids. With the world the way it is, kids can find it hard to find their place in the world. This can leave them frustrated and understandably overwhelmed.

Yoga is great for kids because it teaches them to be calm and only focus on their inner self. Once the kids enter the studio or hop on a mat, you can instantly see all their worries disappear and calmness take over. For a kid with ADHD, this can be the one thing that stops them from having emotional outbursts.

For a child, holding a yoga pose can entice a bit of hard work both mentally and physically, so the child won’t have enough time to focus on what is going on around them. They can only focus on holding their pose which will rid them of all their worries. Slotting in even a small amount of yoga will make the biggest difference for your little ones.


Another big problem for kids with ADHD is the fact that they sometimes feel like they’re losing control over their brain. This is where yoga can be highly beneficial because it can make children feel like they’re more in control of their brains and bodies which can be absolutely mind-blowing for kids with ADHD.

Yoga and deep breathing can be a big stepping stone for a child with ADHA because it allows them to regain the control they have lost. This can be especially helpful during emotional outbursts.

Do your little one a favour and book in for a yoga session or try some yoga at home. Many children with ADHD may also require medication so if the cost is an issue, consider looking into a Vyvanse Savings Card.

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