Practice Yoga with a Loved One

When the thrill of first dates changes into a paced family life, partners start looking for a way to spice up their relationship. Yoga for two can be a good solution. First of all, yoga exercises make your body fit and strong. Second, you spend time together with your partner. Another advantage is that you learn to be focused and present in the moment, trust your partner, feel the bond.

The main difference between regular and partner yoga is that Acroyoga (yoga for two) creates partnership teaching the man and the woman to trust and empathize with each other verbally, physically, and emotionally.

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Improved health. Regular yoga sessions improve your breathing, cardiovascular system, and musculoskeletal system. You keep your bodies toned and fit. Yoga helps you relieve stress and relax.

Plenty of Physical Contact

Many couples forget to hug each other in everyday life. Touching is extremely important for emotional health and connection between partners. Yoga for two gives partners an excellent opportunity to feel each other’s bodies and make up for the lack of touching.

Building Trust

Poses (asanas) in Acroyoga are meant to demonstrate partners the vulnerability of their bodies. To do a certain exercise, a woman needs to rely on her man completely. She needs to be sure that her partner will support her if she loses balance. The main task is to learn to relax in each pose and feel secure.

Team Spirit

Partner yoga can help you solve a lot of issues in your couple, as you learn to be patient and understanding while exercising. You and your partner learn to communicate and cooperate through complicated twists and counterweight. This experience can be used to find harmony in your relationship.

Trained Muscles

Acrobatic elements in Acroyoga increase your physical endurance, muscle strength, and flexibility. Apart from that, many postures are aimed at strengthening the pelvic floor. The effect from them can be compared with Kegel exercises for women. Partner yoga is a great alternative to this method. It supplies your “sexual” muscles with blood and improves sexual function.

Sex Hormones Activation

Breathing techniques widely used in yoga make your body produce the same chemicals in your brain as during sexual intercourse. After a yoga session, you and your partner will have a blissful feeling of satisfaction. Intensive inhales and exhales “switch off” certain parts of the cortex responsible for intellectual thinking (all that mental rubbish produced by our restless mind) and activate the reproductive system. In other words, doing breathing exercises, you two become a man and a woman, not two neutral gender creatures, which the contemporary busy world is trying to turn us into.


It’s useful to mute the thoughts in your head sometimes. Especially, when you share an intimate moment with your loved one. Yoga teaches you the art of meditation that helps to clear up your mind and focus on the present. You are encouraged to use this technique in bed, when you need to keep a certain feeling or mood inside you for some time.


Yoga is not just a physical activity. It’s a mental workout too. Doing yoga exercises together with your partner, you develop an emotional connection between you. This has a beneficial effect on your intimate life. You know you bodies better, follow your sensations, focus on the spiritual part of your relationship, become more liberated. All this improves the quality of your sex life. You make love rather than have sex.

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