Yoga for Healthy Hair

Written by Dr. Minakshi Welukar.

In current era of modernization, hair plays a vital role in enhancing your look. Hair has its own role in improving your beauty, self-image and social sensing. Healthy and gorgeous hair marks out your personality while dry, brittle, frizzy hair hampers your look. Hair loss and damaged hair from over styling seems to be more common these days.

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Hair quality is the reflection of your internal health and personal hygiene, which outright your lifestyle pattern. Hair problems may be an indication of internal pathologies also.

Many times we are using expensive hair products advertised on T.V., newspapers, or health magazines to prevent hair problems but still unable to control them. You may also visit cosmetologist to solve your problem, but you forget the easiest and most economical remedy at your hand, yoga. Yes... yoga has a beneficial role in imparting healthy hair.

Understanding the Reason for Hair Problems

As per National Institute of Health, hair loss and infection are the commonest hair problems encountered in everyday life.

Stress and strain of daily work, nutritional deficiencies associated with unhealthy diet or digestive problems, poor blood supply to scalp, hormonal imbalance and immune system disturbances are some of the well-known reasons for hair loss and infection.

Role of Yoga in Healthy Hair

Whatever the reason behind hair problems, yoga works best in providing quality life to hair. Yoga does not directly deal with the hair problems, but yogic asanas and breathing techniques help to address the root reasons causing them.

Yoga Poses & Breathing Techniques for Healthy Beautiful Hair

Headstand - Sirsasana

Headstand or an inversion is a yoga pose where you stand upside down. This pose increases blood flow to the scalp, so that hair follicles can receive enough oxygen and nutrients. Such strong hair follicles prevent shedding of hair and lead to healthy hair growth.

Diamond Pose - Vajrasan

Vajrasan or sitting with the help of knees improve digestive system and alleviate acidity or constipation problems. Hence, body can absorb adequate nutrients from food and supply them to the hair. Additionally, vajrasan improves body immunity to fight against scalp infections.

Downward Dog - Adho Mukha Svanasana

Peculiar V-shape of a body with downward dog pose increases blood flow to the brain and scalp. This improves brain function and makes you calm and clear, so that you are able to tackle with stressful situation.

Cobra Pose - Bhujangasana

Attempting a posture of cobra with raised hood stimulates abdominal organ and improves digestion, improve heart-lung functioning and oxygen content in blood as well as blood circulation to the scalp.

Yoga Vidya Gurukul documented following breathing techniques to achieve healthy body. Attending healthy and balanced body is ultimately the way for healthy hair.

Kapalbhati Breathing

Slow inhalation with fast and jerky exhalation carried out under kapalbhati provides the wider range of health benefits. This improves brain function, blood circulation to a scalp, functioning of abdominal organ and digestion. So take care of most of the issues leading to hair loss.

Alternate nostril breathing/Nadi Shodhan/Anuloma Viloma

Alternate nostril breathing performed in nadi shodhan creates balance between body and mind. Nadi shodhan increases oxygen concentration in blood, removes blood toxins, and effective in managing stress and mental illnesses.

Bellow Breathe/Bhastrika

Rhythmic inhalation and exhalation accelerate diaphragmatic movement, a main muscle for respiration. This in turn stimulates heart and lung muscles, facilitate gas exchange and improve blood oxygen concentration as well as blood circulation to a scalp.

Humming Bee Breathe/Bhramari

As a name suggests, you have to make a sound like a humming bee during exhalation and inhalation. This reduces level of stress, depression or anger and improves mental well-being.

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