The Positive Effects of Yoga on Eyes

At the end of the day, you’ve probably experienced stressed eyes at least once. Most of our jobs have us sitting in a single place staring at the screens of our computers for hours on end, and it doesn’t do any favors to our eyes. It’s easy to forget how important the health of our eyes is, but taking breaks from bright screens and taking the right precautions on a daily basis can help you avoid painful consequences as you grow older.

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In addition to regular visits to the doctor and proper eye care practices, you can take steps like trying out eye yoga to boost health and sometimes slow down the progression of certain health conditions. Eye yoga hasn’t been proven to help a lot, but studies haven’t been able to deny the positive effects or write it off completely either. Here are some of the benefits of yoga for the eyes.

Improves Eyesight

Different studies and experiments have suggested that while eye yoga might not be able to actually improve myopia, it can help train the brain to focus faster. Even though there was no objective improvement in many people’s eyesight after a few weeks of yoga, they still felt that they could see better.

The reason for this change is that eye yoga trains your eye muscles to focus better, and for your brain to discern between objects more efficiently too. Even if your eyesight is still objectively just as bad, yoga can help you see better by making your eyes stronger.

Helps With Dry Eyes

According to a study published in the Head and Face Medicine magazine, yoga exercises can really help people with dry eyes improve their eye condition. Not only did the test subjects practice eye yoga, but did yoga positions or “asanas” for an hour every day, five times a week.

On the other hand, the control group was able to carry on their usual everyday activities for that one hour. While the baseline levels of dryness in their eyes were comparable for the two groups at the start, the control group actually reported more dryness after 60 days, and the group that did yoga every day reported improved eye health.

It was, however, a relatively smaller study with only over 300 participants, out of which just a little over a hundred actually finished the full two months of the study.

Reduces Eye Strain

By strengthening the eye muscles, yoga helps reduce the strain we feel in our eyes often at the end of the day. It even helps you learn how to relax, focus and improves your mood significantly. All these things help dramatically reduce tiredness and fatigue in our eyes.

According to a study involving 60 nursing students, eye strain was reduced dramatically by yoga, not only because of the above-listed reasons but because eye yoga helped the students learn to focus better as well.

Post-Cartaract Surgery

People all over the world have claimed that eye yoga helped them build strength in their eyes after cataract surgery. Many said that it helped them adjust to their new lenses as well.

It needs to be stated, however, that there are countless risks to attempting this kind of procedure post-surgery, and any kind of exercise should only be attempted straight after talking to your doctor about it.

While the benefits of yoga for the eyes remain a mystery, it can't hurt to do everything in your power to maintain your health and vision. Take frequent breaks from your computer screens, make sure to get sound sleep every night to ensure you don’t face any serious vision-related problems in your life.

On top of taking the right precautions, taking breaks, and keeping your eyes well-rested and clean, it’s important to get a good and affordable plan for your vision.

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