How to Improve your Yoga Practices

Yoga is an amazing physical activity that not only helps you lose weight but also keeps you fit and well maintained. Yoga is not only about improving your physical health but also infuses your conscience with ample of positive energy. Yoga gurus practice yoga in places in and around Thailand and also train a lot of people who are interested. It helps in toning your body and while this is happening you are filled with positivity. Unlike other physical activities, yoga can be done at any place even right in the comfort of your own home. This is an activity that improves flexibility and strength while increasing mental peace. There are a few ways by which you can become more proficient with your yoga practice which will be discussed below.   

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1. Consistency

It is important that you set a schedule and commit yourself to practice yoga on a regular basis to make some improvements. Practice for at least 3 times a week to start gaining strength, flexibility and maintain focus. Gradually you will start seeing changes and developments in your physical as well as mental health. If it is not possible for you to join and attend classes then start practicing at home and take guidance from videos. In today's digital world, there are many apps available which will help you practice Yoga.

2. Look for Proper Guidance and Teacher

Another point of concern is to find the right teacher, studio and the perfect yoga style that is suitable for you. Once all these are aligned, it helps cultivate discipline and knowledge as to what is good for you. Anything that is good for you may not have similar effects on someone else, so you have to understand your body requirements first. It takes years to achieve a result which will help you grow a sense of curiosity to explore the possibilities. It also helps in giving you an exposure to understand different kinds of yoga. 

3. Usage of Yoga Props

There are many yoga props available that need to be used such as blankets, blocks, bolsters, and straps that give wider experience. These props are used to get a broader sense of all asanas and target specific muscle groups of your body. They also help in releasing muscle tensions and reduce persistent stress. 

4. Keep Practicing Pranayama

One of the major characteristics of hatha yoga is to incorporate proper yogic breathing. Initially, there are irregular breathing patterns which are rectified by deep and slow diaphragmatic breathing. Proper breathing may take as long as a year to develop. As soon as a regular breathing pattern is established you can learn many more complex yoga forms. Once this is cultivated the flow of prana starts through the seven chakras present in the body.

5. Importance of a Great Yoga Mat

You cannot practice yoga on the mats or clothes that bunch up together making you slip that provide a hindrance to your practice. There are many yoga studios or centers that provide you with a mat but it is a hygienic option to have your own. Invest a little more and buy a high-quality yoga mat which works as a foundation for your practice. With time, your mat becomes a part of the entire process and becomes more than just a mat. 

6. Mediation is another part needed to Learn and Practice

The traditional form of practicing meditation is an important aspect that needs to be included in yoga. This further allows you to establish and explore the broad mental well-being developed through yoga. This helps create focus and clear the mind thus leading to a calm, composed and balanced physical as well as mental health. This aspect of yoga is also called pranayama and asana.

7. Attend Yoga Workshops and Events

While you attend your yoga classes once a week, you will be provided with all the basics and significance of hatha yoga. This progress in your practice will reach new heights and broaden your horizons. But to gather more experience and knowledge you need to have access to different techniques, tools, and practices of yoga. Many yoga centers also provide events and workshops on different subjects and many professionals come for guidance. The expert yoga teachers further help you gain knowledge and provide more support in your journey. 

8. Maintain a Yoga Journal

It is a great practice to keep a journal where you can make notes and keep track of your goals and steps to achieve them. Sit and pen down your activity both before and after your yoga practice, which is a great habit. This will help develop an awareness of your journey to maintain a healthy you. You can discuss with your yoga teacher about the progress and process. 

9. Enroll for a private Yoga Class

When you enroll for a private yoga class from a professional yoga instructor the results that you get are much better. This way you can utilize maximize strength and check your weaknesses that you and your instructor might be unaware of. Private classes are better when you start getting into advanced and complex poses or asanas. 

10. Stop using the Mat Now

Now that you have reached a higher level with your practice, you need to stop using the yoga mat. This is necessary as you now start learning the connection between your mind, body, breath, and heart. Removing the mat is required as this will enhance and strengthen the yoga skills that you developed till now. 

11. Let it become a Significant part of your Life

Yoga has strong philosophical principles and foundation, unlike regular trendy physical activities. This is a philosophy which has to be practiced throughout your life. Yoga is an activity that you need to include in your life and daily routine. It creates compassion in you and makes you mindful of all your life choices. With regular yoga practice, you also become aware of your body, diet, lifestyle, habits, and relationships. 

If you are thinking of starting with yoga practices then do it right away. All you need to know has been explained which will help you by giving you the right start. 

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