Goddess Wisdom for Modern Women

We've heard of the goddess Aphrodite in mythology, the Greek goddess of sexual love, pleasure and beauty. She is known for being beautiful, kind, loving, desirable, passionate and fertile. She had all the feminine qualities that made her feel powerful from within. As a woman it's in our nature to have these qualities, but often through life we focus more on material things and outside validation, so we don't use our inner feminine power to achieve our life purpose.

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I received a lovely book called The Goddess Solution, by Lisa Marie Rankin. It focuses on goddess wisdom for modern women. It teaches you how to invoke your inner goddess energy through ancient wisdom and modern teachings.

I think it's important for this generation of women to take full awareness of their optimum health and happiness. No matter what's going on around the world on the outside, you should focus on empowering your inner world, as that will lead you to your true purpose in life.

Once you take time to truly love yourself and do the things that make you happy, you will optimize your health, boost your radiance and ignite your inner goddess.

This is a perfect book for any woman looking to enhance her feminine qualities and feel powerful from within.

Key Messages on Enhancing your Inner Goddess Energy

Written by Lisa Marie Rankin.

While women are natural caregivers and nurturers, another feminine superpower is the ability to receive. It's part of our physiology (we have wombs). We can remain open to receiving love, compliments, acts of service and yes, gifts. When we allow ourselves to receive, we replenish our energy and vitality. We do not need to do it all. The goddess wasn't a martyr, and you shouldn't be either.

Self-care is not confined to just physical care like eating healthy and moving your body. It also means that you're honoring your sexuality , your emotions, that your relationships are strengthening and that you have a connection to the divine (your higher power - whoever that is for you). It's vital that we take good care of all aspects of ourselves to experience true health. Our outer reality is often a reflection of our inner reality. Thus, it makes sense to prioritize our wellbeing.

Mid-life is not a period to dread - it is a reawakening. It is the opportunity where you are likely to have more time and resources to focus on who you are and how you want to evolve. Women are not just valuable when they are birthing babies, we are always creating - books, businesses, works of art, or even a nice dinner. Mid-life is a period where you can turn inward to see if you are living in alignment with your soul's desires. It's also an opportunity to remember what you do desire!

We often focus on material assets as a measure of our wealth. But that's just one component. We also need to consider our inner assets. Lakshmi the Hindu goddess of wealth, luck, and beauty has four arms representing the four aims in life. Artha: material wealth (house, clothes, vacations), Karma: pleasure (good relationships, ability to experience pleasure), Dharma (your life's purpose), and Moksha (spiritual liberation). In our culture, we often focus on Artha - but we need all four to be in balance to feel genuinely abundant.

You attract the same energy that you release. When considering relationships, we need to consider the energy that we are emitting. If you're needy and insecure, you'll likely attract the same. Our relationships (or lack thereof) show us areas that we still need to heal. Let's take the time to get curious about our relationship patterns and the limited beliefs that we carry that may impede us from attracting the type of relationships we really want.

Your body is your guru. While your body is transient and your spirits is not, it's no less important than the spirit - it's the gateway to it. Rather than shaming the body or getting it to conform to ever-changing and unrealistic societal ideals, we can honor it and treat it with reverence and gratitude. The body has wisdom to share, but we need to listen to it. There are Ayurvedic practices and rituals to optimize health, boost radiance, and feel divine.

Ayurveda and ancient traditions can help women embrace their sexuality and ignite their feminine power. Women will learn that their sexuality energy is also their spiritual and creative energy. Eroticism is not contained to a sexual partner - it is a way of life.

The Goddess Solution: Pratical Wisdom for Everyday Life by Lisa Marie Rankin teaches you how to reconnect with your goddess nature so you can do less, receive more, live authentically and love passionately. Find her at www.lisamarierankin.com.

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