Eagle Position Yoga – Step by Step

Seasons are changing and you may find yourself swept away by almost everything surrounding you. This is why it is the perfect time to launch a grounding self-care practice. This comprehensive guide brings to you this yoga series to motivate you to root and rise.

eagle pose

Why Eagle?

Get twisted! You have to work on a more advanced balancing posture where your arms and legs intertwine. On top of working your brain as you twist and find your footing, Eagle poses advantages include:

Getting into the Posture:

Tips for Success

You must stay strong through the core to keep the lower back safe. Don’t stop from moving elbows forward and slightly up to stretch the upper back. If you start to lose the balance, keep coming back to your focal point. Lastly, you should practice. Since it is a challenging posture, it gets easier and better with repetition.


How about using a wall to support your back? Try to think of a wall sit with Eagle pose arms and legs. You may also use a wall to help focus and balance just on the leg wrap. For advanced practitioners, try to bring the elbows down to meet the knees before rising back up once you are in the posture.

The advantages of yoga are endless and proven over the years. These include stress relief, flexibility, blood pressure control and muscle built. Once you create a successful yoga practice, it is when you have made a significant step into changing your state of mind. Yoga is simply another relaxing activity other than listening to music or sleeping.

The best advice is to focus on yourself. In our busy lives, we sometimes tend to overlook ourselves. But yoga gives you an opportunity to concentrate on yourself. Make yourself a priority. Of course, there is no need for a practice that seems difficult. Just pick some beginner-level practice, relax and enjoy. The good news is that there are no harmful sides of trying yoga.

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