Combating the Sedentary Lifestyle with Yoga and Healthy Habits

Leading a sedentary lifestyle, even for just four days has a material impact on your body. Your breathing becomes heavier, the muscles begin to atrophy, learned skills become a fading memory, and you’re less inclined to get back to it. And if you’ve been inactive for longer, the effects are even more pronounced on your body and its health.

first yoga class

Here is how to deal with a sedentary lifestyle and adopt better habits.

Start... But Don’t Start Too Urgently

You may be a reluctant exerciser, and that will be evident in your workout speed. However, you might go the opposite direction by diving into it with wild abandon.

If you push into exercise too hard, you can injure yourself. Or, your joints and back will be suffering the next morning, putting you out of action almost as soon as you’ve started.

Strike a reasonable pace with any form of exercise. Avoid group exercises unless you can pick one at a slow pace or for beginners because the intermediate or advance classes will go too fast for new exercisers.

Try Yoga

Yoga is an excellent exercise to gently stretch out the muscles and ease into fitness again.

There is plenty of beginner poses to start you off with yoga. Try the Child’s Pose to get you started. Follow that with the Downward-facing Dog, which stretches out your back nicely (avoid it if you have had wrist issues in the past, as it puts extra weight on this joint).

Adjust the chosen yoga poses based on your current flexibility and capabilities. Create a sequence that’s within your abilities and doesn’t push yourself too far.

Use Practical Movement

If running in the park or hitting the gym doesn’t suit your preferences, then build intentional, practical movement into every day.

Stand up and walk around when you’re on the phone to someone. It’s possible to get a light walk in for a few minutes each time, especially if you work from home.

Use the stairs as your Stairmaster of choice. If you’re steady on your feet, take a few extra flights of stairs to build up your muscles and improve balance as you go. Use the handrail to ensure safety. Stop before you get out of breath to stay safe.

Lift... something. It doesn’t have to be dumbbells. It could be a one-kilo bag of rice in each hand. Or two sizable cans of tomatoes.

Go for Walks

While you may be tempted to start jogging, we’d suggest walking instead. It’s far less demanding on your knees, and it will signal your muscles and tendons that more will be demanded of them now.

Because you’ve been sedentary for a while, start with short walks. These can be a walk down to the end of the street and back. Or a loop around the block. When you’re ready, go for a long walk in the park or nature. Increase the speed over a few weeks as you feel fitter.

Get Your Sleep Habits Right

If you suffer from back pain, then it’s important to take care of yourself. Otherwise, it’s near impossible to be healthy in other parts of your life.

By choosing a good mattress for back pain, it provides the support that’s needed. It ensures your skeletal frame is properly supported to prevent you from waking up feeling all out of sorts.

Also, get to bed earlier to match your natural circadian rhythms, so you feel more rested too.

When taking care of your health, it ensures you can be as useful as possible. By being active, healthy, and more driven, striving to achieve your goals will be practical too.

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