Body Connection of Food & Thought

Written by Sarah Hauch.

Vibration is a consistent, repeated, rhythmic pattern of movement. Vibration is the essence of all matter, energy and consciousness. Vibration is the basic emanation from which all matter, energy and consciousness. Vibration is the basic emanation from which matter it's created. All vibrations are a wave-form, with oscillations per unit of time, call frequency.

p.273 Wheels of Life, Judith

laughing buddha smoothie

Yoga brings us from without to within. During our practice we journey inwards; we feel muscles we long forgot we had, we listen and then quiet our inner chatter, and we succumb to heart-opening and hip-opening poses. Yoga teaches us patience, perseverance, and inner strength. It also teaches us that we are our own temples on this Earth. Poses help to align us with higher powers, and to reconnect us to the powers within. Through yoga we learn that getting into a pose is as much about proper physical alignment as it is with our inner resistance. That both the body and the mind affects our practice.

This article introduces to you the importance of nutrition, and how it directly affects the way you think and see life (very much in the same way yoga does).

Your body is made up of a fascinating structure of nerves, hormones, cells, organs, blood, lymph, and more, and these body systems are very sensitive to the input they receive. The body will react to stimuli. If you cut your finger, your blood will clot. If you step outside in the cold, you're body shivers. However, just as the body will react to external stimuli, internal stimuli has the same physical effect on the body. Every thought in our mind becomes a physical reaction in the body. Maybe I should repeat that - EVERY thought becomes a physical reaction in the body.

Thoughts are vibrations that become electrical signals in the body. Electrical signals form hormones which can directly impact our emotions and our physiology. But we know all this already. What does have to do with nutrition? There is always an infinite loop between the body and the mind. What you think will affect your body and what you eat will affect your thoughts. As Above, So Below, and As Below so Above. The food you eat makes up the cells, tissues, and organs in the body. These organs initiate hormones, which initiate nervous signals, which go to the brain.

You are what you eat is truer than we tend to want to admit. Cells have their own vibration, just as food has its own vibration. When you eat, these two vibrations intertwine, and create their own 'song'. Think about the vibration of the foods you're putting in your body. (And this is not to be done with judgment.) Use playful curiosity. Are you eating fried meats, artificial sugars, pesticides? Are you eating fresh fruit, colorful vegetables, tasty whole-grains? What are you thinking about when you are eating? Are you ashamed? Do you love what you're eating or are you always counting calories and judging your body? Do you eat with people you love?

The foods you eat can directly effect your emotions. If you cannot process emotions because your liver is clogged (from years of poor nutrition habits or over the counter meds) than when you get angry it is harder to calm yourself down. Hormones are nothing more than trains, made up of amino acid train cars.

But no need to get down. The great news is that your body has an incredible recovery rate. By making proper nutrition choices, and doing regular cleansing of your organs, you become empowered to take back control of your emotions.

Good nutrition has always been an integral part of yoga. The combined practice of good food a still mind lead to awareness, insight, release from attachments, and ultimately, Joy! We are beings of light. Light passes through the cell, and changes as the membrane vibrates. The integrity of your cells determines how well you can transmit this energy into a vibration. Fruits and vegetables hold more light between their cells because of the chlorophyll they contain. Plants nourish themselves by the sun. To increase your vibration (an thus your mood) try to incorporate more fruits and vegetables into your diet.

Here is a quick and easy recipe for getting in some awesome vibration-raising nutrition:

Laughing Buddha Smoothie

Put all ingredients in a blender and mix. If you need to mix the smoothie, I recommend using a piece of celery. If your wooden spoons hit the metal mixer by accident you could have smoothie on your ceiling and a broken wooden spoon :)


Love your body; love your brothers and sisters. Eat from the Earth, eat with Joy! Namaste.

laughing buddha smoothie

Sarah Hauch is a holistic nutritionist, guide and healer, and owner of Well From Within. She received a masters in kinesiology & sports nutrition and teaches yoga and meditation at various locations around Toronto. For more information or to book an appointment e-mail sarahhauch@hotmail.com.

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