Raw for Yoga: Water, Naturally our most Precious Resource

Written by Andrew Zubriczky.

75 trillion cells exist within the human body! Seventy-five trillion tiny packets of life-energized and nourished by the water we drink, and the fluids that we take into our bodies. How you feel, 'clean and energized', or not, has more to do with your fluid intake than your latest posture or breathing technique.

water droplet

Water is the stuff of Life on this Planet. Nothing grows, flourishes, reproduces, or gets clean and healthy without it. What this means though, to those wanting a healthier life, is that the quality and vitality of their lives, can be directly measured and influenced, by the quality of their water intake. Yes, we are talking about pure clean water. Raw and unadulterated water. Not store bought juices, pops, enhanced water, or any other liquid concoction. For your health and longevity, the purity of your water and its source matters; and, so does the existing ionic charge of the water.

Strangely enough, believe it or not, water also has memory. It retains its content, and anything it ever came in contact with; like a cloud in the clear blue sky, reflected in a pool of water, that's visible on the ground, to anyone looking at. Water holds the image of anything that it has passed through and come in contact with. We already know, that cells have memories; and that cells can also communicate with similar cells, or even different cells than itself. Also, recent research has already proven the existence of an amazing array of chemical interactions between different cells and cell groups-tissues, organelles, organs, etc.

There exists a highway of chemical interchanges that every cell can communicate along, and use to their advantage. It all depends on its programmed instructions, and or, environmental toxins in the way of the relay of that information. Cells need to communicate with each other. The purer the water, the better! Water thus becomes: 'the medium is the message'. Can we access this memory for better health is a question you should be asking yourself, even if you don't even drink a drop of tap water!

Leading world-class biochemists', spearheading the new science called photochemistry, understand that water stores "photons" or "packets" of energy. All living cells that are made up of between 70-90% water, emit what are called bio-photons; unseen by the naked eye, except for sensitive equipment. Our cells thus communicate with each other by way of tiny bursts of energy, specifically in the ultraviolet electromagnetic range, and above the visible light spectrum. Not surprisingly, these energy emissions control and regulate vital bodily processes. It has been proven that healthy and cancerous cells emit quite different photons of energy.

We already know, that the DNA in the interior of each cell has resonant characteristics, which means, it could be the process of transmitting information to new cells for proper replication. Any toxin or radiation entering these cells tends to replicate or retransmit this "toxic information" to its adjacent cells; thus compromising and complicating the natural replication of healthy cells. Our bodies kill off and replace millions of our own cells daily.

My conclusion for all of this for your health, physical well being, and longevity is this;

The ability of water to store and retransmit such information, for good or for bad results, is therefore an undeniable characteristic of our body's cells. You are therefore what you drink! Stay hydrated and prevent dehydration, at all costs. Don't be afraid to drink even tap water whenever your body cries out for it.

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