Vibration of Food: You are What you Eat

Written by Dawn James.

Author - Speaker - Healer

I used to think that there were only three food groups: carbohydrates, fats, and proteins. But I was wrong. Another classification of food is vibrational frequency - a measurement of the electrical energy that is present in all natural living things. Food can help or hinder our health, depending on its vibrational frequency. Food can also assist the body in moving energy effectively and efficiently - provided we eat the right types of foods.

food vibrarion

Like food, we also have vibrational frequencies. Our frequencies, however, can be positively or adversely affected by a number of factors, including our nutrition and the vibrational frequencies of the foods we consume.

The Vibration of Food

All foods in their natural state have vibrational frequency, a measurement of energy related to bioelectricity (and indirectly related to prana, or vital energy). The vibrational frequency of foods is typically measured in hertz (one hertz is one cycle per second of energy flow that is constant between two points). The table below illustrates the vibration levels of canned and processed foods and certain unprocessed foods.

Vibration Levels of Food Groups

Food Vibration Levels in Hertz (Hz)
Canned foods 0 Hz
Processed foods 0 Hz
Genetically modified (GM) foods 0 Hz
Fresh produce Up to 15 Hz
Fresh herbs 12-27 Hz
Dried herbs 2-27 Hz

By consuming foods devoid of vibrational frequency (i.e., processed and GM foods), we are indirectly polluting our body; we are filling ourselves with substances that are not beneficial to our health and well-being.

I call this unconscious eating. In other words, eating simply to satisfy our hunger, and tantalize our taste buds, but not paying attention to how the foods we are eating will benefit our physical system. Unconscious eating is the primary cause of the toxic state of our assimilative, digestive, and hormonal systems.

It is in our nature to eat wholesome, natural (organic), nutrient-rich, high-vibrational foods to maintain a healthy and vibrant physical system. Furthermore, the vibrational frequency of these foods resonates with our tissues, cells, and organs in a natural, harmonic manner. This resonance stimulates our own frequencies and begins to restore coherence in our bioelectric fields to promote and maintain wellness.

High Vibration Food-Buying Tips

If you want to be assured of obtaining food that has a high vibrational frequency, then, as much as possible, buy food that has been grown organically, locally, and in season.

Why Buy Certified Organic?

Why Buy Local?

Why Buy in Season?

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