Colour Healing

The colours around us can affect us in many ways, even if we're not aware of it. Colour is a form of magnetic energy that surrounds us, through the clothes we wear, the food we eat and the colours in our home. Colours have healing powers that can help treat and prevent diseases, or correct any imbalances within your body.

colour healing

There are different colour healing techniques used to benefit you physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. These include: diet, crystals, clothing, colour visualizations, colored silks, colour meditations, healing gardens, and the colours in your home.

How Colour Affects us

We are all naturally drawn to certain colours, as each colour makes us feel a certain way. Wether we realize it or not we are affected, and it's a natural instinct to choose specific colours for our clothes, our home and surroundings that we favour. The energy of each colour is absorbed through our skin, affecting our cells. Blind people are also affected by colour, as their bodies can still register the impact of its energy at a cellular level.


Red is a vibrant, energizing colour that has the healing power to speed up blood circulation, alleviate depression and speed up the healing of infections and wounds. Red is the hottest colour, so it can help warm you up when you're cold.

Our eyes tend to be drawn to the colour red, that's why it's associated with danger, and used for traffic signs and signals. It's a wonderful colour to use when you want to boost your confidence, initiate new projects, promote courage, perseverance and alertness, enhance your sexual desire and energize your vitality.

Using too much red can over stimulate you, causing arguments, restlessness and aggression. Red should be used in moderation, especially if you're prone to anxiety, or get agitated easily.


Orange is a warm colour, much less fiery than red. It promotes enthusiasm, a sense of well-being, boosts your immunity, soothes digestive issues, encourages and revitalizes you and is an antidepressant. Orange is a creative colour that is a great choice if you want to express yourself without worrying what other people think.

Relationships can benefit from orange, as it helps to stimulate optimism and affection. It can attract positive people to you, as it enables you to make a stronger emotional connection with others. It's definitely a good choice when you want to cheer yourself up, promote happiness, freedom, joy, togetherness and optimum vitality.

Orange should be used in moderation, as too much of it can create an emotional dependence on others, and a dislike of being alone. It can increase laziness, nervousness and restlessness, especially on people who already have these character traits.


Yellow is a bright and cheerful colour that stimulates your mind, aids concentration, increases intellectual ability, heals skin problems, detoxifies and encourages happiness and well-being. Yellow is beneficial when you want to be inspired, get creative ideas, solve problems, think clearly and wake you up when you're feeling sluggish.

Yellow is a great social colour. It stimulates us mentally and brings us out of ourselves, by helping us improve our conversation skills and find more interesting things to say. It's a great colour to wear when attending social events.

Too much yellow can trigger sarcasm, criticism, exaggeration and a possible tendency to be untruthful. It can also have a negative impact on your digestive system, which can lead to stomach aches and an inability to absorb nutrients from food. You should limit your use of yellow when you have insomnia, nausea or a headache, as it will further stimulate and make your condition worse.


Green is an exceptionally healing colour that promotes unconditional love, and enables you to become more accepting of others. It is associated with nature, plants and green leaves. The human eye is able to detect multiple shades and tones of green than any other colour.

Green is exactly in the middle between the warm and cool colours, therefore, it's purpose is to create balance, harmony, relaxation and gives you the ability to strengthen your connection to the earth and the environment.

Green attracts prosperity, empathy and generosity. It's a great colour to wear to enhance and improve your relationships. It helps open your heart, making you more compassionate to others and gives you the ability to be more adaptable, easy-going and affectionate towards others.

Too much green can trigger envy, jealousy, possessiveness, materialism and can bring upon the desire to control others. Since green stimulates growth, it should be avoided around anyone who had or has cancer.


Blue is a spiritual colour that is connected to the sea and sky. It promotes, peacefulness, truthfulness, stability, reliability, loyalty and idealism. Blue has the healing power to encourage restful sleep, relieve headaches, alleviate asthma and keep you calm and relaxed. Just looking out into the ocean can bring upon peace and serenity.

Blue tends to slow down your thoughts, giving you more clarity and focus. It's an excellent colour to wear while meditating, as it promotes a sense of contemplation and slows down your breathing, making you feel calm and relaxed. It's also a great colour to combat insomnia and treat any cool infections.

Blue should be used with caution for those feeling sad, lonely or depressed, as it will only increase these symptoms, making you feel more isolated and unmotivated. If you're feeling nervous or afraid about change in your life, you should also avoid blue, because it will increase your need for stability.


The colour purple, also known as indigo, can connect you with your higher purpose, increase your psychic, intuitive and spiritual abilities, and help push you into something much greater than yourself. It enables you to strengthen your wisdom, improve mental clarity and helps you make decisions.

Purple has the healing power to purify and cleanse your blood, reduce physical and emotional pain, relieve nosebleeds and muscle tension. Like blue, it's also great to use for meditation, to create detachments from everyday life, and bring upon solitude and relaxation.

Too much purple can lead to emotional and mental isolation, separating us from other people or events in our life. If you're feeling depressed, unhappy or ungrounded by being too caught up in spiritual matters, then indigo should be avoided, as it will only increase these emotions.

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