Yoga from a Scientific Point of View

Yoga is an ancient practice of bringing body and mind together. It includes meditation, various breathing exercises and poses that reduce your stress levels and will aid you into relaxation. People staying in Shangri La practice yoga quite perfectly. Many people go there and learn from them. There are several benefits of practicing yoga but only a few of them have been evident based on benefits through yoga.

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1. Reducing Stress:

Yoga would reduce your stress levels and help you relax. According to the studies, it would reduce the secretion of the primary stress hormone cortisol. A study which was performed in 24 emotionally distressed women found they had practiced yoga for 3 months and has seen a significant reduction in cortisol levels. 

2. Relieves Anxiety:

Anxiety can be handled with the proper practice of yoga regularly. 34 women who were facing anxiety issues have followed yoga classes twice a week for about 2 months and have seen lower anxiety levels. Though it’s not shown completely how yoga would help you treat anxiety, it would provide peace to you that might help you to deal with your anxiety levels. There are several studies which showed how yoga practices have reduced anxiety symptoms.

3. Might Reduce Inflammation:

Studies also showed that practicing yoga would reduce inflammation. Usually, the normal immune response is known as inflammation while chronic inflammation might be due to pro-inflammatory diseases like cancer, diabetes or any kind of heart diseases. According to the study in 2015, they have divided 218 participants into 2 groups based on who practiced regular yoga and who didn't both had also performed various stress-inducing exercises. Later people who followed yoga had shown lower levels of inflammation than those who hadn’t followed yoga.

4. Can Improve the Health of Heart:

Heart is the most important organ of your body as it would supply blood and various nutrients to the entire body. According to the studies, yoga has proven to reduce the risk causing factors for any heart disease. In the study, some participants were above 40 years old and who practiced yoga for about 5 years. They had pulse rate as well as blood pressure than those who didn’t follow. The most common reason for various heart problems and diseases is higher blood pressure.

5.  Quality of Life will be Improved:

Yoga has become one of the best ways with which you can now improve the quality of your life. According to the study where 135 seniors were either practicing yoga or walking for 6 months. It had shown that they had observed improvement in the quality of their life, fatigue, and mood than the other groups. It also showed reduced cancer symptoms in patients. Women who were having breast cancer and were undergoing chemotherapy had seen a drastic reduction in chemotherapy symptoms like vomiting and nausea. 

6.  Fight Depression:

Certain studies have also proved that yoga had also shown antidepressant effect and reduced the depression symptoms. People who were dependent on alcohol practiced particular yoga known as Sudarshan kriya where they focused on rhythmic breathing. When they had been tested after 2 weeks, they saw that those participants had very low depression symptoms. The cortisol levels were very low than before. There were several studies which showed a link between yoga practices and reduced depression.

7.  Can Reduce Chronic Pain:

Many people are now facing problems with chronic pains which might be due to certain types of injuries or arthritis. There are several types of research which have been carried out and which show that regular practice of yoga would reduce several types of chronic pains. When 42 individuals who had carpal tunnel syndrome had either practiced yoga or got wrist splint for around 8 weeks. They had found that those who had followed yoga had reduced effects of pain. It’s also good for those who are facing osteoarthritis conditions.

8. Promote Quality of Sleep:

Those who have high blood pressure, obesity issues, any disorder or depression might have a poor quality of sleep. The studies say that when you follow regular yoga practices in your routine it would help you get better sleep than before. Around 69 elder patients had been asked to practice yoga or take herbal preparation in the year 2005. Those who followed yoga had slept for a longer period, fell asleep at a faster rate and were well-rested than those in the other group. Yoga would also help you in reducing sleep disturbances while improving the quality of sleep. It increases the production of melatonin which would regulate sleep. 

9. Improved Balance and Flexibility:

Yoga is one of the best fitness routines which you can introduce into your life that would improve your balance as well as make you're flexible than before. Some different poses and practices would help you increase and target balance and flexibility. When 26 male athletes from college were asked to follow yoga for 10 weeks, they had become much more flexible and balanced than the controlled group. If you want to enhance your performance while increasing your balance and flexibility then make sure to invest 15-30 minutes a day to perform yoga.

10.  Improves Breathing:

Yogic breathing which is also known as pranayama is one of the best practices in yoga which would help you to control your breathing with the use of various breathing techniques and exercises. It would improve and increase the capacity of your vitals. Vital capacity is nothing but the amount of air that can be expelled from your lungs. Pranayama would be best for those who are suffering from asthma, ant kind of heart issues or lung diseases. 

There are several studies which have confirmed that yoga would improve both your mental as well as physical health. Practicing yoga regularly would help you maintain your health in a better way while can make you flexible and improve your strength. Practicing yoga twice a week for a few minutes would deliver you noticeable changes and improve your health. 


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