4 Steps to Boosting Your Back Health Through Yoga

Whether your back has never felt that strong or you’ve previously had back problems, learning to perform yoga is an excellent idea. It can increase your strength, flexibility, and overall agility. These are all benefits that are difficult to achieve without needing to pursue several forms of exercise to get similar results.

downward dog yoga

Here are 4 steps to improving your back health using yoga.

1. Use the Cat-Cow Pose to Boost Back Flexibility

The Cat-Cow pose allows you to avoid putting too much weight on your hands and wrists. The position gets you arched down and then arched up in the same way that a cat stretches its body. When you move through the pose, it boosts flexibility for your back. Anyone with prior issues with their neck should keep it level at a comfortable position and avoid extending the neck up or down.

Repeat the full cat-like movement 10 or more times, depending on how much ease it creates through the exercise. Also, note that positioning the forearms in front of you is fine should using your wrists become painful.

2. Stretch Out with the Downward-facing Dog Position

The Downward-facing Dog position is a popular one because it maintains a straight back through the positional movement. Your hands are laid flat on the mat with the body arched into the air. When in the position, it’s possible to rotate forward and back while keeping your back and legs straight at all times. This gives your arms a good workout while taking pressure off the back.

The Downward-facing dog yoga position is known to relieve back pain and address long-standing issues such as sciatica to make it more tolerable too. Also, a good night’s sleep is necessary before you can successfully complete any type of exercise, so you might want to look for a reliable mattress that provides ample support for your spine.

3. Get More Flexible with the Sphinx Pose

The Sphinx Pose is ideal to increase basic flexibility in the lower part of your back. It starts with lying flat on the gym mat facing downwards but supported by your arms. Then you push off the mat to raise your head and chest up in an arching direction. This creates a bend in your mid to lower back. If this position seems too difficult, then start with the Cobra Pose instead. It’s gentler and there’s less rise to it, which puts less pressure on your back.

By doing either of these positions over time, your back will get used to being more flexible. It’s a great way to ease tension away after sitting for too long at work.

4. Two-Knee Spinal Twist for a Coordinated Gentle Movement

The Spinal Twist is much easier to perform than the name suggests, so don’t get immediately put off. Lie on your back with your arms outstretched and legs drawn up with the knees together. The hips and knees are then rotated to one side until they touch the gym mat. At this point, you can use a hand to hold the knees in position for a few seconds to get the maximum stretch from the position.

This movement will stretch various muscle groups out and strengthen your lower back. It’s also great for working out stubborn knots in muscles in the lower region that don’t seem to want to go away! Other than getting a back massage, it’s the next best thing.

It’s possible to purposely choose yoga positions to improve back health. Some add flexibility, whereas others will increase overall movement or strengthen the back. When done in combination, your back will be far better equipped to get you through each day without unexpected pain.

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