Written by Victoria Randles.

Time really is a complete mystery. We don't have enough of it, we want it to last longer, we want it to go by quicker, we want to skip large amounts of it in hope for something better. Why is it that this unseen, technically immeasurable ticking clock seems to be ruling our lives?


What if an hour had really been assigned as two? Would it seem twice as long or would we be used to it and 60 minutes would seem short? That being the case we know how adaptable human beings are and yet we settle with less than we are capable of all the time. We get stuck in patterns of 'this is the way it is', and 'it could be worse'. I'm here to suggest it could be better.

It all begins with time. What if you were to erase seconds, minutes and hours from your day? Okay, I know what you're thinking, you wouldn't get the necessities done; such as work. Let's just hypothetically erase time from your life and say the day is yours! How would you spend it? If you have a day off where this is something you can actually do it is a worthwhile experience. You will see just how much time you really have. Let your body and mind naturally flow throughout the day without any deadlines, stresses or worries. When you aren't having to cram your plans into a time table life simply becomes more enjoyable. And the necessities have a way of getting done along the way.

Having this free flowing experience will create open the space in your mind that usually goes unheard due to the chaos that schedules and 'not enough time' have created. How can you have a meaningful, positive thought when you are waking up to a dreadful alarm, scrambling to get to work, maybe throwing in a gym visit which, let's face it is just a time for you to think over your 'to-do' lists and worry some more about how much you haven't finished. Then you rush home, probably un-showered, where you throw together some dinner, and before you know it the day is done. Time has run out. Where was the time for self-reflection? Freedom of individuality? There certainly wasn't time for any, but that's life right?

Don't let it be yours. Do what needs to be done so that your day can be productive to your inner life as well as your outer life. Deadlines and bills may have to get taken care of, but so do you. So spend a day in limbo and see what possibilities for positive change and meaningful banter you can have.

Now, knowing that no one can possibly have free time all the time, I've come up with something I like to call the 'Power Hour'. During this (scheduled) time ;), you simply focus on healthy habits that make your day run smoother. This can be before work, on your lunch break, before bed, or any other time where you can connect to yourself and your needs. Spend this hour doing that list of things you've been wanting to do but you just can't get around to. Meditate, practice yoga, journal, walk, do anything and everything that connects you to YOU!

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