Qualities of Competent, Trusted Yoga Teachers

Written by Cathy Geier.

I have had ample time recently to reflect on many areas in the field of yoga, study, teaching and my likes, preferences, needs and dislikes. As my journey continues, I am reviewing my choices for instruction as well as training opportunities. I find that the qualities of yoga teachers which create a desire in me to return to their classes and to trust their judgment are those which I hope to find in a yoga training course and to build, strengthen and express in myself and for my own teaching.

tattoo yoga girl

Following is a personally derived list:

I notice personal spark, dedication to good, openness, interesting music (I am partial to spiritual based music). I appreciate those who read, write and contribute through volunteering, speaking, donating, educating and asking others to be included in these pursuits (walking their talk).

These qualities have been exemplified by many great teachers and studio owners over the years; notably for me in the last 16 months of more frequent practice by teachers at hauteyoga, 8 Limbs and ILoveHotYoga, in my little area of the city. What a joy and blessing to live in Seattle where we have so many wonderful yoga teachers and choices of good studios!

Now, a little on the flipside!

I learned from teachers who gave me an angry or hurt experience! Please note- these have only happened a few times in my recent spurt of 230 classes. That I was sparked by actions is my own response. My truth is that these cause concern or hurt in me. Others may have a different take on situations. I choose to let these incidences help me decide how I will teach, what my actions will be.

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