Yoga... An Exercise with a Difference

Written by Ami Pat.

Are you looking out for just another exercise fad to gain that attractive body you always longed for?

yoga exercise

I think every beginner who is interested to start practicing Yoga, should check out this question. If you are on the lookout for something that will give you instant result, a quick chill pill, then you may better join the nearest gym-that will satisfy your needs perfectly.

Yoga stresses on inner magnificence. It works on different systems of the body and cleans it from inside. The fantastic physique you acquire on the outside, as a result of practicing Yoga, is an added bonus! Something like, cleaning your bowels to remove pimples and get that fresh look on your face, rather than apply expensive cremes!! All you need, is to find out about what you really desire - a shining persona coming out of a healthy and fit body, or a perfect physique with a dull face and a listless appearance?

The word Yog literally means joining or balancing, or integrating. That is, joining of the mind, body and spirit, fine balance of all the chakras and an integration of the endocrine glands with different organs of the body. A beautiful and a complete package! This is where Yoga essentially differs from any other form of exercise.

Though Yoga should be done at a particular time and place to gain maximum benefit, it hardly requires any expensive equipment. Just a mat and an empty stomach is all you need, along with a lot of enthusiasm, to start you off on your way towards a stress-free life and a fit body.

Sequencing and classification of poses or asanas is an important aspect of practicing yoga. You cannot just start practicing any pose or asana. Asanas are nothing but the Poses done along with controlled breathing. They are classified and sequenced according to the level of difficulty. Also, particular asanas are meant to be done back to back compulsorily, because they target on particular glands. Hence, it is advisable to practice Yoga under the proper guidance of a teacher.

A Yoga session starts and ends with a motivating chant of any mantra. Breathing exercises called Pranayama - meaning controlled life force, is followed after completing all the asanas, wherein the last pose is always the Savasana-that is, the corpse Pose!! And the last, but not the least, is Dhyaan or Mediation. Thus, a Yoga session satisfactorily gives exercise to all three-mind, body and the soul.

It may come to your notice, that after an invigorating session of Yoga, you appear to be in a happier state of mind. A mind, that is more peaceful and focused. Practicing Yoga regularly, will bring innumerable benefits to not only your day-today life, but also cures long term diseases or chronic problems effectively. Many health problems like blood pressure, diabetes, sciatica and varicose veins can be controlled easily through this therapy.

Since there is no age-bar to start practicing Yoga, a whole family can do this wonderful form to exercise together and can convert it into a great family event!!

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