Cheap Yoga Classes in Toronto

An average yoga class in Toronto costs $15 to $20. At this rate, yoga seems to be an expensive form of exercise to most individuals in Toronto. To some people, yoga is seen as a luxury for the rich. Although I think the benefits are quite worth it, as some people already spend a lot on food and entertaining that could be saved and used to benefit their health. The question is: if the cost of yoga would be much lower, would more people start practicing? I know it's true for myself, as I'm a regular at community and karma yoga classes for $5-$7. Even my friends and family have started enjoying yoga on a weekly basis since it's the same price as a cup of coffee and muffin.

cheap yoga toronto

Most yoga studios are now offering weekly community or karma classes at a cheaper rate. This allows you to experience the benefits of yoga at an affordable cost without having to go broke.

The whole Toronto yoga industry has been growing tremendously over the past few years. The yoga trend is seen all around us, through advertisements, yoga studios, Internet and word of mouth. It's becoming a big business. It's not just the yoga classes that are expensive, there's the yoga apparel, accessories, books, water bottles, tutorials, yoga retreats, teacher training courses, music etc. Yoga is becoming a fashion trend.

Most yoga studios offer an initial trial period for first timers. This is a great opportunity to try out the yoga classes, teachings styles and the feel of the studio without the expensive commitment. Everyone has their own taste, and location is quite important. With our hectic work and family responsibilities, we have to manage our time wisely. Finding the nearest yoga studio near you would be ideal. I feel lucky, as I'm only a two minute drive from Moksha Hot Yoga North York and Bikram Hot Yoga Toronto. This way, when the mood hits, I have choices.

I have tried almost every yoga studio in Toronto, and have enjoyed learning and coming across some amazing teachers that left me feeling extreme peace and calmness as I left their class. I do recommend testing out the waters before jumping in. Toronto has so many choices for yoga that price might be an issue when deciding to commit to one studio.

Here are a few affordable hot yoga classes for first timers that are worth a try. If they aren't in your area, you can check the Toronto Yoga Map to find a location nearest you.

  1. Bikram Yoga North York offers 10 days of unlimited hot yoga for $20.
  2. Bikram Yoga Bloor and Beaches location offers 1 week unlimited yoga for $20.
  3. Moksha Yoga North York offers 1 month of unlimited hot yoga for $40.
  4. Moksha Yoga Downtown offers 1 week unlimited hot yoga for $20.
  5. Hot Yoga Wellness offers 1 week unlimited hot yoga for $20 or 2 week unlimited for $30.

You are never too late, too old or too sick to start again from scratch.


I believe in this saying above, that anyone can start something anytime in their lives. This includes yoga, which is very beneficial to your health, mind, body and soul. If you are a beginner, then you will definitely notice a positive change after trying out a few classes. Most people get hooked, and love the relaxing feeling after a class. You can always find an affordable yoga class that suits your needs and style.

Top 10 Yoga Studios in Toronto Video
See the top 10 yoga studios in Toronto that are worth checking out. Each studio offers a different experience. Some are hot, and some are not, but there is something for every yoga enthusiast.

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