There's No Place Like 'Om'

Written by Victoria Randles.

Ladies, ladies, ladies! Stop running from you're lives, take a seat and hum an "Om". Do you feel something heavy sitting on your shoulders, dragging you down? An inner critic constantly chasing you, pointing out every mistake along the way? Or maybe a person outside yourself that you allow to manipulate your decisions and your perspective on the world?

meditation om

YOU are the center of the your Universe, YOU have to live with your choices and YOU have to make the changes necessary to enjoy your life. And I'm not talking about enjoying your "time-off" from all the BS you "have" to deal with, I'm referring to every moment in your waking and beauty-sleeping life.

So, you're unhappy about gaining those extra pounds and dredging the thought of having to squeeze into your skinny jeans that no longer fit their name. You're waking up next to a man that you wish you left 5 years ago and yet can't imagine an escape route. Or maybe you're just miserable sitting at a desk wasting your talents working for "the man" only to go home exhausted, under paid and dreaming of a better tomorrow. Let's face it, you are a player in a game being controlled by someone or something else. I'm just going to put it out here...you're feelings are more important than everyone else's.

Now, I bet you're all reading this thinking, what a selfish b***h this woman must be. I'm not suggesting you forget everyone else exists but simply implying without paying attention to your needs and feelings, you are practically useless to the rest of the world and become vulnerable to every craving, judgement and demand that comes your way. If you swallow your words and let someone walk all over you, I can guarantee you'll end up standing in front of the refrigerator. If you stay with a man that you've grown to resent, how loving are you going to be as you slave over a hot stove wishing you could poison him? And really what kind of product are you going to produce at work when you spend your time on Facebook creeping girls you went to high school with envying how thin they are now and how successful they've become...yes even the girl that was everybody's pin cushion has flourished into a high fashion model.

So what does all this have to do with Om? (For those of you that haven't come across this word as of yet, essentially Om is a chant that represents the union of body, mind and soul.) I'm assuming you've all seen 'The Wizard of Oz' and you can all relate to Dorothy's journey. She knows what she wants but she seems to hit every road block there is on the way to her destination. You too may know what you want, (or not and that's okay!), but maybe you have no idea how to get there. Life becomes seemingly more frustrating and as we get swept away in our frazzled emotions we lose the target.

Okay ladies, put down the cake frosting and find a peaceful place to sit down. I know it tastes delicious but the answer you are looking for is not printed on the bottom, and no, it won't be there tomorrow either. The beauty of my next instruction is that the answer you've been looking for IS there; today, tomorrow and every day. Hallelujah! The answer is inside you. So take a few moments to sit in a peaceful state, quiet the critic and listen to what you're inner guide, or your "~ing" as my mentor Gabrielle Bernstein taught me. It's not gonna come as simply as reaching into the fridge, but once you get in touch with the happiness inside yourself just waiting to be heard, you are in a whole new ball game.

First things first, put on any soothing or inspirational music you may have lying around. Next, get comfortable, sitting crossed legged on a pillow or just sitting straight up on a chair will do. Get yourself breathing at a nice calm pace, inhaling and exhaling until you've found an effortless rhythm. Now, inhale right into your belly and exhale with the sound of "Om" or "Aaauuuuummmm" as its pronounced. Do this three times and hold it as long as possible (without having to gasp for air!) Once you've done this you have created a platform and a connection to the divine and you can now sit back and receive the guidance. It may come to you in an image or you may hear a voice. However your message comes to you is completely acceptable; there is no right or wrong way. When you feel your session is completed for the time being, could be 3 minutes, could be 45, close it with another three "Oms".

If you're a little on the forgetful side, write down anything you learned from yourself or any ideas that popped into your mind. The perfect combination of awareness+acceptance+action= change! If you found these few moments of peace beneficial, try to make time for it everyday. Don't make a chore out of it, just a little retreat from the madness our minds sometime create for ourselves.

Good luck Ladies!

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